Wednesday, April 23, 2008

UPDATES 6 Graduation

Salam to all:)

Updates for graduation!

  • Please take note that this week is the costume tryout. See Kak Aisyah if you want to try them out at ADNI Office.
  • Remember to pick up your invitation from the office too.
  • Fees per person is RM 45. However the fee for the graduate is sponsored.

  • Fuddy reported that not many people has replied to her... So for the people who did reply to her, she'll use that as the text
  • There were some people who specially did theirs in a special format... Like their writing together with their picture which they did on the computer... so then if we were to do like that, i don't think many of us can...
  • As for the other people, probably we'll just take the words from the ones they wrote for the fikrah adni and just choose some random pics:P
  • However, since we ARE just taking the exact same words from the fikrah adni, here's the big question: Do we really need a souvenier book then? Because then it would be like a miniature replica.. in booklet form. It does cost money... Let me know of your opinions.
  • Fuddy has (again) reported me about the event decorator: the Danial guy
  • Danial said that he needed us to come up with a theme or colour of some sort so he can work from there since themes play a huge role in the decorating part and that what we're wearing plays a big role because it's part of the decorations too
  • his kind of thinking is sorta more to adult-ish designs, like batik or just one colour
  • so if we want another event decorator, then maybe i can make some calls to search for one
  • but in the event that we do not want an event decorator, then we just handle the decorations ourselves.. though that might prove a little difficult.
  • This saturday we will have a Performance practice at 9am. Please be there since we only have about 2 more weeks left.
  • Our performance is part of the "TRIBUTE TO TEACHERS". The other part is a slideshow. For those who have pictures of teachers, please can you bring it this saturday and pass it to me? Just bring your pendrive or something and I'll find a way to transfer it to mine:)
    • NOTE TO IMRAN: I know you can't make it this saturday so please can you find a way to give me some pictures if you have any? Which i know you do lol. please and thank you:)
  • Please remember that to raise funds, we have also decided to bring recyclable materials to be sent to the recycling center. So everyone please remember to bring recyclable materials on saturday!:D
  • Alhamdulillah some of us have done the carwash daily at ADNI and it has proven to be successful:D our teachers have been supportive too. Many thanks to those who contributed their time and effort for making it work out; you guys know who you are. Thank you all:)
  • We've collected about RM400+ if I'm not mistaken and since our Ice Cream Float didn't work out, that's quite a sum raised within these past few weeks with just the carwash:)

See you people on Saturday 22nd March or if not on our Graduation Rehearsal or Graduation Day itself!:D

Take care all~


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