Monday, April 28, 2008

in loving memory.

i have a very bad weekend. let this be known to all; my rabbits have passed away. i say passed away instead of died because 'died' sounds so morbid, passed away sounds much more respectful. so anyway; my rabbits passed away. it's kind of odd that all four of them passed away, because if one died, then it'd be kind of a little 'ok'. but in this instance, all four of them are gone. which is sad. zara, chichi, lulu and kiko are gone. from this world. from me. forever.

so the dogs that stray around attacked them yesterday. i didn't go back this weekend, and my family went out the whole day. so last night when amal asked abdulaziz to go and check on them; he came back with the horrifying news that they had passed away. i know i cannot swear on this, cos it's like bad..but that bitch! i mean the dog ok. zara was totally mangled and the other three were bitten and stuff. and they passed away, to bunny heaven. i hope. i don't want to cry, because they were just bunnies. but you guys know how much my rabbits meant to me.

remember when i brought lulu to school? and ustaz nijam loved her, and she used to run around the classroom when we did maths. and then remember that khuz liked her, cos she had cool eyeliner eyes. and how she pooped on the desk and i had to clean it? i miss lulu. i didn't even say goodbye to them.

the hardest part is to think that they must have had a painful death. i don't even want to think about how scared they were, cos my bunnies used to be scared at the smallest thing. and i hate thinking that they were scared, that's a horrible way to pass away. it's horrible to even think that they are buried at the bottom of out garden. i hope my family gave them a proper funeral.

i wish alia and fuddy were here to give me a hug and let me cry in their hugs for a while. you cannot cry here. cos people think you're a freak.

a remember the time when i brought lulu last year? and we scared t.nila with her :) lulu loved khuz, and i know lulu loved you guys too. and i know she would want us to get new rabbits.

probably those who weren't that close to me are thinking 'what the hell? they're freaking rabbits. you can just get new one'. but you do not understand, those rabbits were part of my family ok, they're like how you people are to me; family.

and i wish i could hug them one more time and give them a carrot. for now i am truly crying; i miss zara, chichi, lulu and kiko. i hope they had a good life with us. and i hope they know that i love them alot.

*in loving memory of zara, chichi, lulu and kiko. forever.

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