Wednesday, April 23, 2008

grad souvenier book

aslmlk all,

as Alia mentioned in one of her e-mails, i'm suppose to compile stuff for the souvenier book. there are a few things that i need from you guys;

1. name, birthdate
2. a sentence about you that you want people to remember you by. it could be anything, like a quote or something. its sorta like the yearbook thing we did last year, remember?
3. a picture of yourself. yea this time you can do whatever pose and wear whatever, just dont cover your face too much yea. pic of your top half would be good. or just your face is ok too. ahah you can send more than one pic if you want, i'll just take the better of the lot.

here's an example, so send it to me like this, only with your details la of course;

name; Fatimah Az-Zahraa bt Amir Farid
birthdate; 10th January 1992
testimonial; Nasi Lemak for life!
and your pic. attach it or something.

yea something like that ok?

e-mail your stuff to me by 16th of march yea? that's this sunday, 7 days from today! if for some reason or another any of you dont send it in, im just gonna put whatever sentence that comes to my mind about you, yea? and whatever pic of you that i can find ahah! well i'm sorry but i cant leave your space empty you know.

if you've got anything to ask or suggestions to make, you're very welcome to call/sms me (016-6310520) or just e-mail back to me, but chances are i'll get back to you later through e-mail cz i'll be on holiday! n_n

so pls send yours in so that i dont have to think of something silly to write about you!

p/s; pls forward this mail to our other peers cz i dont have evry1's e-mail add. thanks!


fuddy amir
Monday, March 10, 2008 10:24:00 AM

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