Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Most Vain Batch (?)

From left: Alia, Iman, Fuddy, Kosa, Nurul, Aishah, Afiq, Faris, Imran, Azudin, Halim

Salam everyone!:) It was really a surprise to see quite a number of people from our batch attending Syarifah's wedding on Saturday. It was a pleasure to meet you guys again!:)

We took soo many pictures; here and there and searching for a good spot for our batch picture before finally settling on one. Someone commented that it seems like our batch took the most pictures. We can be awarded as "The Most Vain Batch". Lol.

But I think it's just simply that we love looking through them again and again to remind us the good times we have and to show we have happy memories with each other:)

Special mentions to:
photographer Khuzairi:) *that's why he's not in many of the pictures*

And Imran for taking so many snapshots... *though I have no pics from him*
Aaand Iman; because without her we wouldn't have so much fun with Taboo.

As always, we have so much laughter and smiles because of each others' presence.

We discussed that maybe someone from our batch should get married quick so that we can have another gathering and see each other again!:D

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fikrah Adni is OUT!:)

Salams everyone...

Fikrah ADNI; Adni's yearbook is out. This is the last fikrah that we'd be presented as Adni students; aka seniors. Next year and the years after that, we'd be called Alumni. Though we actually are already... sort of...

So get your copy at the ADNI office! Our page(s) look super cool!:) I especially love the page that farah did -ie memoirs of Secondary 5. It looks awesomeXD

Here's a cool secret (cheh:P): For our pages, (the one where it shows a complete profile for each and everyone of us) it is actually a BIG picture of a board (at least that's how it was designed as initially). That's why some of them has only borders at one side or two sides but not completely. If you tear out the pages and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle, you'll see that they all join together:) though don't do that please. Just get many of the fikrah books and open them at each individual page and fit them together. Does that make sense? Lol. It has two parts because not everyone can fit together... So here's how it looks like:

Purchase your own copy now! While stocks last. Hihi:P

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Wedding!

salams! with this, my first post, im now an official member of the authors of this blog n_n heheh..

well anyways. i'd like to announce the next upcoming event,

wedding recepetion of Sharifah & Syed Harris
21st June o8 8-11pm @ Tmn Hana, Janda Baik
semi-formal, wear pastel colours..

this dinner is exclusively for the alumnis. TRANSPORT & ACCOMODATIONS CAN BE PROVIDED. so please do inform Iman if you're coming or not and whether you'll need transport and/or accomodations provided for you. BY WEDNESDAY.

you guys are also invited to go to the other receptions but i'm not very sure of the details. so sorry..

so i guess that's it. ok?

melawati time

Saturday, June 7, 2008

some help please.

salams you guys.

i don't know how many people read this blog anymore, but today i would just like to ask for some help. my nenek is in a coma and she will be leaving me soon, so i would just like to ask that you say a little prayer for her and perhaps say al-fatihah for my grandma? that would mean a lot to me. to all those people who've helped me through this hard time; thanks. you guys know how much she means to me, and may Allah bless you for praying for her.

maimoonah hashim; al-fatihah.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

adnig05 bloggers; and their crap :)

this is getting out of hand. no one comes to this blog anymore! is it because there's nothing to read? well, i guess so; but i don't know what is appropriate to say on this blog. i don't know if i'm allowed to use the word 'f**k' or 'babi' or 'shit' know..all thos iman appropriate words :) and i even noticed that people don't even write in the Cbox anymore.

maybe it's because the magic of alia nadhirah is gone while alia nadhirah is away. now i know how tough it is on her to write stuff that people will read. i mean what do we write up here anyway? everyone kan dah ade their own blogs. so here is a list of blogs that you can go and read. find out what they're up to and comment their blog if you're rajin, and if you're a good friend. lol. the G05 bloggers, that i know of;

ahmad musa:
alia nadhirah:
fatimah az-zahraa:
iman azman:
nur liyana:
raysa aqiyl:
puteri nur aqilah:

so there you go. catch up with them, and if you're rajin too, start lah your own blog ye?