Friday, May 30, 2008

who is at where.

okk, so some have been whining saying that this blog is not updated; well be prepared for no more un-updated blog days because iman azman has officially finished her first semester! whoo hoo :) and i start balik in july, therefore i have a whole month to make sure that you have plenty to read. i hope.

aqilah has given me the sole responsibility for updating everybody about where everybody is/or is going to. my social calender has been kind of off; so if there's like a blank next to your name, that means i don't know/or is not sure about where you're going. just letak kat cBox who you are and where you're at ok?

so here we gooo;

5A (forgive me if i forgot someone!)
adeeb: unknown
alif: unknown
anis: unknown
aqilah: Medicine at CUCMS Cyberjaya
azam: unknown
azreen: Government Matriculation at Negeri Sembilan
beck: KLIUC
bob: unknown
fauzan: KLIUC
fikri: MMU Cyberjaya
halim: KLIUC
hazwan: unknown
mimi: Science A Levels at TAR College
nana: APIIT
sara: KDU
shahiran: Accountancy at UITM, Muar
shaqeel: MMU Cyberjaya
zana: unknown

afiq: A Levels at KYUEM, Lembah Beringin
aishah: IIC
alia: Medicine at CUCMS Cyberjaya
amin: A Levels at HELP University College
basma: UIA Matriculation PJ
fattah: UIA Matriculation Nilai
imran: UIA Matriculation Nilai
kausar: unknown
melor: IIC
saddiq: American Degree Program at Unitar (or Unita?!)
sara: Arts A Levels at TAR College
sharaf: UIA Matriculation PJ

amalia: Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology at Technology Park Malaysia College
atiq: MMU melaka
fred: no one knowss
fuddy: Science A Levels at TAR College
iman: Canadian International Matriculation Program at Sunway College
khuzairi: Arts at Segi College
maryam: UIA Matriculation PJ
mo: Medicine at CUCMS Cyberjaya
musa: Darul Quran at Sana'a, Yemen
naseer: unknown
nurul: A Levels at Singapore
rasya: Arts A Levels at TAR College
zharfan: unknown :) *sorry!*

okk, well that is who i know. kalau ade yang salah, or ade yang i put 'unknown' tu, just tell me and i'll change it yea.

right, one more thing; happy starting your new semesters!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thailand, anyone?

Amin Zakiri Falcao mentioned about Thaksin Shinawatra and about going to his country and everything. Anybody truly interested in going there?:)

ustaz badrul is offering the Adni Alumnus a great event!
i really hope at least 2-3 alumni boleh pegi on 'volunteering basis'. i.e. keluar duit sendiri.
i'm teaching TaeKwondo in Adni and now i see why the teachers ARE REALLY WORRIED about them. not every one of them, but many of them.
so what do u think? still let go another chance of da'wah?
siapa yang belum ada passport, can contact me. i'll not be going though, i have lectures i cannot escape from.
read below: ^__^


Hari Pertama 25 Mei 2008 Ahad-Perjalanan

Kuala Lumpur – Bukit Kayu Hitam

10.00pm- 6.00am 8 jam perjalanan

- Solat Subuh

Hari Pertama 26 Mei 2008 Isnin

Bukit Kayu Hitam – Chenak (26 May 2008)

7.00am – 8.30am – Tiba di Chenak dan sarapan

8.30 – 12.30 - Lawatan di Sekolah Cheriatan dan Lawat Chenak

Hari Ke-2 27 Mei 2008 Selasa

Chenak – Krabi

9.00 – 2.00pm -Tiba di Krabi dan menginap di Sekolah Agama Krabi

- Lawat Krabi

Hari Ke-3 28 Mei 2008 Rabu

Krabi - Phuket

1.00pm – 4.00pm – 3 jam perjalanan

- (menginap di hotel di Phuket)

Hari Ke-4 29 Mei 2008 Khamis

Phuket- Lawatan

Hari Ke-5 30 Mei 2008 Jumaat

Phuket - Chenak

12.30pm – 11.30pm – 11 jam perjalanan

- (tidur di sekolah agama Cheriatan)

Hari Ke-6 31 Mei 2008 Sabtu

i. Chenak – Bukit Kayu Hitam

8.00-10.00 pagi – 2 jam

ii. Bukit Kayu Hitam - Kuala Lumpur

10.00 am– 6.00pm – 9 jam

- Perjalanan pulang

Jadual Bas

25 Mei 2008 KL – Bukit Kayu Hitam (Bas Malaysia)

26 Mei 2008 Bukit Kayu Hitam-Chenak (Bas Chenak)

27 Mei 2008 Chenak- Krabi (Bas Sewa)

28 Mei 2008 Krabi – Phuket (Bas Sewa)

29 Mei 2008 Phuket (Bas Sewa)

30 Mei 2008 Phuket – Chenak (Bas Sewa)

31 Mei 2008 Bukit Kayu Hitam-KL (Bas Malaysia)

Yuran penyertaan RM450 sahaja (kos pengangkutan sahaja)

Bayaran ini tidak termasuk makan dan penginapan namun kami telah mendapat sumbangan pihak di Thailand yang bersedia menyediakan makanan dan penginapan percuma di Chenak dan Krabi. Manakala bagi Phuket pihak kami sedang berusaha mendapatkan harga terbaik bagi hotel yang dimiliki oleh salah seorang ibu bapa pelajar Adni.

Penyertaan sebelum 14 Mei 2008, Rabu


Copied from Kak Nihlah's email

Banner DONE!:)

Here's the Banner Painting we did for the Juniors; IGCSE and SPM Candidates. I really wish we had one for our batch>_< ... I know that maybe you can't see that clearly because of the lighting and maybe because the camera didn't capture the whole thing... I couldn't snap the whole banner because there were lockers behind me and couldn't go beyond that. Should have asked help from Imran or Sharaf to take the photos... The names of the candidates are decorated at the top and bottom of the banner, each name separated by golden smileys;courtesy of Kausar for the paint and Iman for the paint-ing. Lol.
The advice reads:

  1. Bring square root of 3567 french curves in case one breaks
    *It just means bring extra. It would be super scary if your french curve breaks while you're about to do a quadratic or trig graph for addmaths or an Ogive curve for maths. I would be in absolutely panicked mode*

  2. Race for the van when to/from exam
    *This especially goes to the girls because last year, there are many people in our batch and the van would have to take two trips. Once, the guys took the van first and we had to wait for about half an hour til we could go back to school.*

  3. Bring extra $ for the yummy hot dogs
    *Sometimes we have lunch or breakfast at IIS and sometimes we would be just plain hungry after an especially mentally tiring exam. The hot dogs th
    ere are a fave among our batch:)*

  4. Bring oxygen tanks when going up the stairs
    *Exam hall is on the topmost floor. Which is the fourth floor if I'm not mistaken. Added with the books that we have to carry and everything. We are left breathless once we reach there. However, I pointed out to Iman that if we brought oxygen tanks up, we would be even more tired because those tanks are not light. Lol*

  5. Statement of entry is a MUST
    *The only ever time I forgot to bring my Statement of Entry was the only ever time the invigilator asked to look at it. I never forgot to b
    ring it again*
Best Wishes
From Seniors 2007

Saturday, May 10, 2008

boo to you.

how annoyed am i that no one (except three wonderful people) decided to show up in adni today BEFORE nine o'clock to paint a lovelyish HUGE banner for our juniors that was signed 'love, SENIORS 2007'.

honestly; it should have been signed 'love, ****** and **** and ****'.

you guys talk about wanting to get together lah, nak jumpe lagi lah, miss you all lah yada yada yada.

but when we jemput to do somehting nice for juniors TOGETHER, no one bothers.
some of us came back this weekend thinking that they would be able to meet people that they miss on saturday; but i guess not since most of y'all decided to sleep in. so boo to you.

and my jeans have black paint on them. shucks to you guys. i hope you feel bad about it.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Qiyam and Painting (again)

Girls' Qiyam[10th May] [cancelled until further notice]

Okay so I know that Qiyam was moved tomorrow and some people know it. This afternoon when I met Teacher Fatin, she said qiyam tomorrow is cancelled because first semester exam is on monday; so if there are any last minute changes or whatsoever, I'll be sure to post it up, InsyaAllah. Not so sure about it being on the 16th either. Once a date is confirmed, I'll inform you people.

Banner Painting [Saturday, 9am 10th May][BRING YOUR OWN PAINTBRUSHES!]
This saturday, we'll be doing the painting!:) I've asked permission from ust Muallimin and he said we can use either the muttaqin centre (where we've been doing grad day performance practises) OR that area behind the girls' dining hall. Check if it's at the muttaqin centre; if not, then most likely it's the other place. If not, just contact me then:P

By the way, I'm not so sure how many of you are coming, so I would like to request that you bring your own paintbrushes. Because I'm afraid that there might not be many paintbrushes and most people would just be sitting there doing nothing when we have a lotta work to do!>_<

See u people this saturday!:D

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

nunu bday


I wrote a whole long post for you but somehow decided against it:P Best wishes on your birthday.You're growing old(er) hehe. Have a wonderful birthday:)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dates of Events

Banner Painting [10th May 2008]

I think it's too last minute to do it this Saturday. besides, I'm not going to be home all weekend so I can't get the materials ready. Since no one gave me their opninons on which date we should choose, I'm guessing that they don't mind whenever it's done. So I'm gonna decide the date. Ahahaha. I'm opting to do it next saturday, on the 10th may. Block that date, y'all:)

Girls' Qiyam [Friday, 16th May 2008]

Salam girls, sorry for the earlier info. I just confirmed with Teacher Rasyidah that Qiyam would be on 16th May. That's in TWO weeks time.