Monday, April 28, 2008

how hypocritical.

let's visit iman in sunway:
i squealed out loud in com tech class when i read this. because, it's the first line in that post :) how refinely honored am i? very much. haha. anyway firstly; 2nd may is a horrible date. it should be erased off all calenders in the world. the universe would do so much without the date '2nd may'. anyway, i'm horribly sorry, but i cannot make it back home this weekend, and i cannot come to qiam either. i know, i know; the whole hypocritical thing. but i have finals on the 26th of may. and i have 13 more classes till my finals. which means i really don't want me to elaborate.
anyhow. you girls should go to qiam. really. you guys havent seen each other in so long, and i know the juniors would jump out of their skulls to see us. i mean you guys..minus me. haha. so make sure you go. and show support and stuff.

painting the banner thing:
sounds good. but wouldn't it be easier if people just stayed back after the qiam for the painting? i dunno, but if more people can come on the 10th, then maybe you should do it on the 10th. you're the el'capitan als. ;)

short post; but i got to run, the rain is starting.

love much.

in loving memory.

i have a very bad weekend. let this be known to all; my rabbits have passed away. i say passed away instead of died because 'died' sounds so morbid, passed away sounds much more respectful. so anyway; my rabbits passed away. it's kind of odd that all four of them passed away, because if one died, then it'd be kind of a little 'ok'. but in this instance, all four of them are gone. which is sad. zara, chichi, lulu and kiko are gone. from this world. from me. forever.

so the dogs that stray around attacked them yesterday. i didn't go back this weekend, and my family went out the whole day. so last night when amal asked abdulaziz to go and check on them; he came back with the horrifying news that they had passed away. i know i cannot swear on this, cos it's like bad..but that bitch! i mean the dog ok. zara was totally mangled and the other three were bitten and stuff. and they passed away, to bunny heaven. i hope. i don't want to cry, because they were just bunnies. but you guys know how much my rabbits meant to me.

remember when i brought lulu to school? and ustaz nijam loved her, and she used to run around the classroom when we did maths. and then remember that khuz liked her, cos she had cool eyeliner eyes. and how she pooped on the desk and i had to clean it? i miss lulu. i didn't even say goodbye to them.

the hardest part is to think that they must have had a painful death. i don't even want to think about how scared they were, cos my bunnies used to be scared at the smallest thing. and i hate thinking that they were scared, that's a horrible way to pass away. it's horrible to even think that they are buried at the bottom of out garden. i hope my family gave them a proper funeral.

i wish alia and fuddy were here to give me a hug and let me cry in their hugs for a while. you cannot cry here. cos people think you're a freak.

a remember the time when i brought lulu last year? and we scared t.nila with her :) lulu loved khuz, and i know lulu loved you guys too. and i know she would want us to get new rabbits.

probably those who weren't that close to me are thinking 'what the hell? they're freaking rabbits. you can just get new one'. but you do not understand, those rabbits were part of my family ok, they're like how you people are to me; family.

and i wish i could hug them one more time and give them a carrot. for now i am truly crying; i miss zara, chichi, lulu and kiko. i hope they had a good life with us. and i hope they know that i love them alot.

*in loving memory of zara, chichi, lulu and kiko. forever.

Upcoming Events

Let's visit Iman! [Friday 2nd May 2008] [Sunway]
Small side story: I admit it is very difficult to figure out a way to reach Sunway through public transport excluding the taxi (my parents would not allow me to use the taxi in a million years). So I looked at the map and tried to figure a way to use the LRT and KTM or even bus (actually, haven't figured out the bus way yet)... Sadly, I have not yet reached a plan. Sorry:( If anyone can devise a plan, then please, discuss it with me. Maybe something better, we order a HUGE cake, and we all hide inside it, deliver to Iman and spring out in surprise!:D That way, we can have cake as well in celebration. Haha. No.
Conclusion: So, if Iman comes back this Friday for the girls' Qiyam, then that should be fine and we can get together then. Let us know your plans, Iman:)

Girls' Qiyam [Friday 2nd May 2008] [Adni]

Girls, I was informed that the Girls' Qiyam would be this Friday. Let's join?:) Even if we can't for the whole thing, at least a part of it would be fine.

Painting for Juniors [Morning, Saturday 10th May 2008] [Adni]
The date is not actually confirmed yet. Just a suggestion. Actually, their exam papers begin on 12th May... If we do it this Saturday, I'm afraid that it might be hectic, what with the Girls' Qiyam (plus, I can't make it in the morning though:P).
Let me know if you people can make it on this date. Or if majority prefer, you guys can do it on the 3rd May (after Girls' Qiyam). So it's 3rd may or 10th may. You guys call the shots.

Syed Harris' and Sharifah's wedding [Saturday 21st June 2008] [Janda Baik]
Kak Anisah contacted me and asked me to invite our batch to attend their wedding; because "Sharifah nak sangat semua datang for the alumni evening". hihi. The wedding is actually from the 19th til the 21st; though the dinner on the 21st is for the alumni. So, just let me know if you're coming or not and I can inform Kak Anisah yeah?:)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


salams. you can probably tell it's me, because of my ever so distingusihed font style and font size :) well, i told alia i would contribute to the blog, and i would love to. to those who do not know (i doubt that there are many) i'm in sunway college, yesyes, with sara rahman. and i have this one class where i have to keep a blog, and i must update it three times a week, and since i'm on blogspot a lot, i guess i should do my bit in 'pieceing back' our bond and relationships by writing in here.

well, how are y'all? there was a bowling thing last friday, which i initiated, but did not attend! i know right, you bloody hyprocrite imann!! i had good reason, so gimme a break guys. we'll make one soon. one where a lot of people can come, and stuff.

i really miss school a lot. i know that dulu we were all like 'i cannot wait to leave' , 'let's burn down the school', 'mampos lah this stupid blue building'. but honestly, it's so hard to be away from you guys. i'd still like to burn the school down, but id take you guys out first. haha. it's not so much school that i miss (expect islamic studies and math), i miss the hanging out, the teasing, the cepe and battleship and the babs here and bodos there.

hope everyone is doing well in wherever they are now. some in singapore (i miss you nunu!), some in jungles somewhere, some in their comfy homes sitting in front of computers allll day, some in college, and some who have simply fallen off the face of the universe.

keep in touch. regardless of how boring your life is, look at me :) lol. well, must go. i have a major test in socities and a video project that's due tomorrow.

i miss you guys loads. all of you.

currently in: communication technology class.
currently listening to: sara bareilles, love song
currently thinking: what if this was a year ago?

-faithfully; your ditz.

Multiple Authors

Owh, for those who wants to write posts in this ADNI GEneration 5 Blog, I just found out that there can be Multiple Authors for one blog:P Lol.

Though if you want to write posts, you need to have a blogger account too.

Let me know if you want to be an author for this blog, send me your email add for the blogger account, then I'll send you the invite and then you hafta accept the invite in your account.

And once you've accepted, everytime you open your blog, you have like two blogspots you can write in. One is yours and one is the ADNI Generation 05's.


For us.

Assalamualaikum ADNI Generation 05!:)

There are 44 of us, and after Graduation Day, we've all gone our separate ways. I kept reading lines like: "We'll never see each other again!" and "I don't know when we'll ever meet.."

I know it's difficult for everyone to meet up again, what with lectures, assignments and other priorities (not to mention some are not in Malaysia) now that we are not bound by Adni Secondary 5 classes and activities (and morning talks and breaks and lunches... etc).

The memories we shared and went through together shouldn't end just because we can't see each other again.

So here, let's take advantage of the technological era.

This blog is for Adni Generation 05. For stories, announcements, birthday shout outs, catching ups, "all the best" wishes, encouragements, reminders and everything else!:) Just for us. And basically to stop us from wondering if our mates are still alive; if we've not heard from them for so long!XD

Plus, when I send announcements, I don't have everyone's emails. Or maybe some people don't use their email accounts often. Or some people get soo many emails that they might miss mine out:(

At least we know where everyone is. And 10 years down the road, I don't want it to be that we can't recognize any of us even if they are right in front of our noses. Instead, from 20 miles, we can already spot and start screaming, "OMG that's fuddy!!!". (I will not mention Iman Azman because you know your name has been put up countless times in other blogs:P)

If you want me to put up a post, email to and I'll put it up for you. Any suggestions or pictures you want put up, let me know too:)

Make this spot your homepage!:D And InsyaAllah there will be more posts and add-ons to come.

We are still and always connected. Just that with a site, we see/feel it better:) lol.


Banner Painting

Salams everyone!:)

Hope you all are doing well:D

Remember "last time", the seniors used to make a poster cloth thing for the juniors wishing them all the best for their major exam (ie SPM and IGCSE)?

Eventhough we didn't get one from our seniors,doesn't mean we shouldn't do one for our juniors. I think maybe it's a good idea for us to paint/make one for OUR juniors as they are sitting for their exam next month (for IGCSE that is)

I know not everyone is 'close' to the juniors Batch 6 or they're not on good terms or whatever the excuses are, but hear me out first! Drawing and painting it is together with OUR batch so it's a good excuse to get together again and just have a good time painting, like all those times we did for the Merdeka event (the flag and the two award-winning posters which got wet in the rainXD...), for the Mathematics Week, for Sports Day House Decors and for the other merdeka poster (wc the girls did in sec 4 and we half finished it and ended up still painting to finish it up after the competition) and all the other every winning posters we did in our Secondary school and all. lol. Good memories:)

Anyways! I've not confirmed it yet. The date time and place. Of course it should be in these two weeks (since it should be before May/June). Maybe in school coz that's the easiest place we all can assemble.
As for materials and stuffs, we can just use the cloth we bought for our grad (if its still there) and borrow or buy or find pelaka/paint.

Let me know what u ppl think:)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 2:18:49 PM


Invitation from Kak Nihlah. Contact her for more details:)

ATTN 5th batch :: Jom! Meriahkan Eksplorasi Menara Ilmu (EMI) '08

Apa kata graduan program Eksplorasi Menara Ilmu (EMI)?

[Edisi 1]

"Program EMI mengajar saya untuk mengenal kehidupan di universiti melalui perkongsian dari fasilitator yang berpengalaman. Selain itu, saya dapat berkenalan dengan rakan-rakan serta fasilitator yang sangat mesra. Pengalaman bersama EMI tidak dapat saya lupakan."
(Graduan EMI '06, Nuh Zuleffendi. Beliau kini berada dalam Tahun 1 di Kulliyyah Kejuruteraan, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia)

"Melalui EMI, saya dapat belajar dengan lebih mendalam segenap hal yang berkaitan dengan dunia mahasiswa. EMI juga merupakan tapak permulaan dalam mengenali kehidupan yang Islamik di kampus. Sangat rugi jika tidak sertai!"

(Graduan EMI '07, Ahmad Fahmi Mohd Faudzi, siswa dalam bidang Senibina dan Rekaan Persekitaran di Pusat Asasi Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia)

"Program EMI memberi banyak faedah di samping memperluaskan pengetahuan dalam pelbagai bidang. Kebanyakan slot dipenuhi dengan input yang banyak membantu saya dalam menempuh hidup. Aktiviti yang tidak kurang hebatnya membuktikan EMI sangat seronok dan menjanjikan anda kenangan yang manis!

(Graduan EMI '06, Murshidah Mazlan. Beliau kini sedang mengejar cita-cita untuk bergelar pengamal Undang-undang di Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia)

"EMI ialah suatu wadah alternatif bagi lepasan SPM dari seluruh Malaysia untuk mengeratkan silaturrahim, bertukar fikiran dan mengisi kebosanan sementara menanti kemasukan ke IPT. Pendedahan tentang kehidupan di IPT telah banyak membantu saya sehingga saya berjaya tersenarai dalam Senarai Dekan. Terima kasih EMI, ia sungguh bermakna dalam hidupku!" (Graduan EMI '07, Marwan Abdullah yang bakal meneruskan pengajian Ijazah Sarjana Muda Undang-undang di Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia tidak lama lagi)

Alhamdulillah! Dengan izin Allah Ta'ala mereka menggapai kejayaan!

Kepada lepasan SPM, ayuh sertai mereka! Ayuh sertai;

**Eksplorasi Menara Ilmu (EMI '08)**


25-27 April 2008 (Jumaat-Ahad)


Sekitar Lembah Klang* (akan dimaklumkan kemudian)


Pertubuhan Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM)

dan Karisma-Facilitator (K-Faci)


RM 40.00 sahaja! InsyaAllah, berbaloi punya!

Terbuka kepada semua lepasan SPM!

Ha, apa lagi! Ajak anak, cucu, adik, saudara, kawan, jiran untuk memeriahkan program tahunan ini!

Sebarang kemusykilan dan untuk urusan pendaftaran, boleh hubungi:

Bro. Danny (012-930 7522)


Bro. Wan Am (012-661 5745)



What little pictures I have just to show Graduation Day. I'll find more later:)
Graduation Day cannot be put into words because of the many events and emotions.

Oath Taking, Graduation Ceremony
-5th April 2008-

Clockwise from Left: Sara, Iman, Liyana, Kevser, Basma, Aqilah, Amalia, Alia, Azreen, Rasya
-After Morning Ceremony-

From Left, Back row: Sharaf, Khuzairi, Saddiq, Afiq, Fahdly, Naseer
From Left, From row: Teacher Rasyidah, Atiq
-Graduation Dinner-

From Left: Azam, Sharaf, Ust Nijam, Fahdly, Khuzairi
-Graduation Dinner-

5th April 2008

UPDATES 11 Graduation

Assalamualaikum everyone!:D

1 more day to graduatioN!:D

For today's 'rehearsal' we had a meeting with Puan Zaiton and Puan Laili and they told us what to do during the rehearsal (plus the real thing) for the morning ceremony. It is quite complicated (to me) because we have to sorta rotate and change seats... So if majority can come tomorrow, then it would be much easier for things to go smoothly on the real day and the people who couldnt come to the rehearsal, they could just follow whatever we do:P

Here's a few reminders:

-For the dinner, please confirm the number of people coming. THe number needs to be confirmed so that they can be seated in such a way that your family members/guests sit together.
-Confirm it by TOMORROW. If you can't come to Adni tomorrow, at least call the office 0342526810 and speak with Puan Noorma as she handles the attendance.

- Tomorrow we'll be going to ISTAAC from ADNI at 9:00am so please be at adni between 8-8:30am.
-Over there, we'll be rehearsing for the morning ceremony until before Solat Jumaah and we'll head back to school.
-At adni, we'll rehearse the dinner performance and finalize the tentative program and everything else:D plus how we enter the hall and how we give the gifts. Those who are performing, please make sure that your 'costume' for the performance is already settled by tomorrow too.

-Wear your Morning Ceremony Graduation Attire from home
-After the morning ceremony, some of us would have to go to Raintree for decorations and also performance practise there. Transportation would be arranged for these few people. After we're settled with everything over there, you can decide to go home and get ready and take a rest.
-Then the DInner begins:)

See you guys tomorrow!:D Or if not, Saturday thenXD

Take care.. Wasalam.

Thursday, April 03, 2008 8:52:28 PM

UPDATES 10 Graduation


Updates? THere ARE no updates! AHahaha. Just kidding:P

- going really well and it's looking good, Alhamdulillah. Finally we've figured out an ending (a comparatively HAPPIER ending than what some people initially wanted:P lol)
-for those who made it, thank you:D

- THURSDAY 2:30pm at ADNI
- FRIDAY 9am at ISTAAC: Please be at ADNI by 8:30am so that we can all go together to ISTAC:)

-Today we've settled the decoration materials and things:D well, most of them... and most likely we'd be putting up the stuff on saturday before the dinner itself.
-I'm not so sure if we have the whole day to ourselves at Raintree or if we could just have a few hours before to put up the stuff.. but for sure i will update you guys on that:) Meaning after the morning ceremoney, we might go straight to raintree or just go to raintree a few hours before the real thing.
- remember our attire is part of the decors. Theme is WHITE and GOLD but we've extended to what we are allowed to wear to the colours: Brown, Beige, gold white and black

-Just to inform you guys that Raintree might most likely reserve parking spaces IN the club's compound to club members only. So maybe some people would have to park outside at the roadside or somewhere... Just to let u guys know...

5. Send me your parents' names.

That's all for now!:D Our graduation is next Saturday, people!>_<

Sunday, March 30, 2008 9:00:58 PM

UPDATES 9 Graduation

Salam to all:)

Teacher Rasyidah called me up today. I know she's asked this before but it seems that she didn't get the information she needed. She requested that we give her our parents' names; this is for the morning ceremony. As the MC, she would like to call out our parents' names to recognize/acknowledge/honour them (whichever way you want to see it:D)

Let's make it easy for Teacher Rasyidah and make our graduation successful by giving me your parents' names:) She needs it by monday 30th April so please reply back to me asap yeah?

I dont have everyone's email addresses so those who knows other people's parents' names, please fill it in for me please and thank you:D

It goes by 5C 5B 5A

Thank you:D

Friday, March 28, 2008 9:45:34 PM

PS. My apologies to 5A students... I'm afraid I might leave out some names if I were to try and write down all the students in the class.. Is it possible for someone to fill it up for me and ensure that no names are left out? The 5A names are the people of whom I got the email addresses only so that's why it is so limited.

UPDATES 8 Graduation


just want to forward to some other people about sharaf's reminder and update:) (tq sharaf)

  • Thursday 3rd April -2:30pm at school
  • Friday 4th April-9am at ISTAAC
note: please bring your graduation attire if possible. thank u!:D

Thursday, March 27, 2008 11:57:39 PM

UPDATES 7 Graduation

assalamualaikum!:) Anhyungsaeyo!:D

Here are a few reminders and updates:

  • We had an awesome (and fun with lotsa laughter) meeting today:) I know some people are extremely busy and it's not easy for them to come but really, thanks a lot for attending the meeting. Our performance is taking shape now and it looks pretty good:D
2. GRADUATION DINNER THEME- white and gold
  • We have discussed among ourselves who attended the meeting today that we need a theme to suit the decorations thus we have settled with white and gold for the decors
  • However, the colours for our formal attire that night (what we're wearing) are EARTHY colours, therefore you can wear brown beige gold white and black:)
  • The carwash has received excellent response and would most probably continue next week. The week after, (from monday 31st march), I'm not so sure if it will still be on. KIV and I'll update you guys smore:)
  • Initially, we decided to sell Icecream floats but since it was not encouraged, some people have creatively thought up of the idea of selling burgers after school. Many thanks to those people for making it happen:D you guys are doing a great job.
  • due to the low response from our batch for the souvenir book, we have decided that it is the best that we cancel the souvenir book since it does take up quite a sum of money as well.
  • Next saturday meeting will be held on 29th March 2008, sharp at 9am at Muttaqin Development Centre (ie Khalifah Lodge)
  • Please be reminded that this is our last -saturday- meeting (next saturday would be 5th april, THE day!) before the rehearsal (on friday 4th April).
See you people on Saturday!:D

Saturday, March 22, 2008 4:00:54 PM

UPDATES 6 Graduation

Salam to all:)

Updates for graduation!

  • Please take note that this week is the costume tryout. See Kak Aisyah if you want to try them out at ADNI Office.
  • Remember to pick up your invitation from the office too.
  • Fees per person is RM 45. However the fee for the graduate is sponsored.

  • Fuddy reported that not many people has replied to her... So for the people who did reply to her, she'll use that as the text
  • There were some people who specially did theirs in a special format... Like their writing together with their picture which they did on the computer... so then if we were to do like that, i don't think many of us can...
  • As for the other people, probably we'll just take the words from the ones they wrote for the fikrah adni and just choose some random pics:P
  • However, since we ARE just taking the exact same words from the fikrah adni, here's the big question: Do we really need a souvenier book then? Because then it would be like a miniature replica.. in booklet form. It does cost money... Let me know of your opinions.
  • Fuddy has (again) reported me about the event decorator: the Danial guy
  • Danial said that he needed us to come up with a theme or colour of some sort so he can work from there since themes play a huge role in the decorating part and that what we're wearing plays a big role because it's part of the decorations too
  • his kind of thinking is sorta more to adult-ish designs, like batik or just one colour
  • so if we want another event decorator, then maybe i can make some calls to search for one
  • but in the event that we do not want an event decorator, then we just handle the decorations ourselves.. though that might prove a little difficult.
  • This saturday we will have a Performance practice at 9am. Please be there since we only have about 2 more weeks left.
  • Our performance is part of the "TRIBUTE TO TEACHERS". The other part is a slideshow. For those who have pictures of teachers, please can you bring it this saturday and pass it to me? Just bring your pendrive or something and I'll find a way to transfer it to mine:)
    • NOTE TO IMRAN: I know you can't make it this saturday so please can you find a way to give me some pictures if you have any? Which i know you do lol. please and thank you:)
  • Please remember that to raise funds, we have also decided to bring recyclable materials to be sent to the recycling center. So everyone please remember to bring recyclable materials on saturday!:D
  • Alhamdulillah some of us have done the carwash daily at ADNI and it has proven to be successful:D our teachers have been supportive too. Many thanks to those who contributed their time and effort for making it work out; you guys know who you are. Thank you all:)
  • We've collected about RM400+ if I'm not mistaken and since our Ice Cream Float didn't work out, that's quite a sum raised within these past few weeks with just the carwash:)

See you people on Saturday 22nd March or if not on our Graduation Rehearsal or Graduation Day itself!:D

Take care all~


Thursday, March 20, 2008 11:24:09 PM

Specifically for you people

Specifically to: Nana, Imran, Iman, Fahdley, Fuddy, Yaya, Fattah, and Khuz

Our next Performance Practice meeting will be at 9AM, 22nd MARCH 2008 at SEKOLAH ISLAM ADNI at the KHALIFAH LODGE/MUTTAQIN CENTRE (or somewhere else if the place is occupied). It is absolutely crucial that you people be there as you guys would be playing main roles for the performance. See you guys then:)

Sunday, March 16, 2008 3:58:44 PM


Salam all:)

Just wanted to remind you guys on a few things.

  1. There will be PERFORMANCE PRACTICE this SATURDAY, 15th MARCH 2008 at 9am. (As well as every Saturday til our Graduation Day) See you there:)
  2. Please pick up your Graduation Invitation from the office.
  3. Costume tryouts will take place next week from 17th-22nd March. Please see Kak Aishah at the office for assistance.
  4. Please remember to email back to SARA SAFEEYA about your name, parent's name and phone number.
  5. And to Fatimah Az-Zahraa: your name, bday, shoutout n picture for the graduate souvenir book BY 16th of march.
Another way we can raise funds would be to send recyclable materials to a recycling centre. Kausar has kindly volunteered to send the things there, thus since we are meeting every Saturday, maybe we can bring some things too? (ie paper glass plastic etc)

Take care.

See you all THIS Saturday!:D

Thursday, March 13, 2008 1:39:58 PM

UPDATES 5 Graduation

Salam to all.

Today Kak Aisyah called me and requested that everyone pick up their grad invitation from Adni ASAP.
If possible around this week because they need the reply. But she will be on leave this week so you guys
can come and ask the invites from Puan Noorma at the office.

Thank you:)


Friday, March 07, 2008 10:30:58 PM

UPDATES 4 Graduation

Salam to all.

I know I've put there will be performance practice tomorrow (8.03.08). But it has been canceled due to the
election and since the school will be having their first semester break (10.03.08-16.03.08), most people
won't be able to make it to the practice. Sorry for the late notice. I'll notify you all about the next practice.

Thank you.

Friday, March 7 2008

grad souvenier book

aslmlk all,

as Alia mentioned in one of her e-mails, i'm suppose to compile stuff for the souvenier book. there are a few things that i need from you guys;

1. name, birthdate
2. a sentence about you that you want people to remember you by. it could be anything, like a quote or something. its sorta like the yearbook thing we did last year, remember?
3. a picture of yourself. yea this time you can do whatever pose and wear whatever, just dont cover your face too much yea. pic of your top half would be good. or just your face is ok too. ahah you can send more than one pic if you want, i'll just take the better of the lot.

here's an example, so send it to me like this, only with your details la of course;

name; Fatimah Az-Zahraa bt Amir Farid
birthdate; 10th January 1992
testimonial; Nasi Lemak for life!
and your pic. attach it or something.

yea something like that ok?

e-mail your stuff to me by 16th of march yea? that's this sunday, 7 days from today! if for some reason or another any of you dont send it in, im just gonna put whatever sentence that comes to my mind about you, yea? and whatever pic of you that i can find ahah! well i'm sorry but i cant leave your space empty you know.

if you've got anything to ask or suggestions to make, you're very welcome to call/sms me or just e-mail back to me, but chances are i'll get back to you later through e-mail cz i'll be on holiday! n_n

so pls send yours in so that i dont have to think of something silly to write about you!

p/s; pls forward this mail to our other peers cz i dont have evry1's e-mail add. thanks!


fuddy amir
Monday, March 10, 2008 10:24:00 AM

grad souvenier book

aslmlk all,

as Alia mentioned in one of her e-mails, i'm suppose to compile stuff for the souvenier book. there are a few things that i need from you guys;

1. name, birthdate
2. a sentence about you that you want people to remember you by. it could be anything, like a quote or something. its sorta like the yearbook thing we did last year, remember?
3. a picture of yourself. yea this time you can do whatever pose and wear whatever, just dont cover your face too much yea. pic of your top half would be good. or just your face is ok too. ahah you can send more than one pic if you want, i'll just take the better of the lot.

here's an example, so send it to me like this, only with your details la of course;

name; Fatimah Az-Zahraa bt Amir Farid
birthdate; 10th January 1992
testimonial; Nasi Lemak for life!
and your pic. attach it or something.

yea something like that ok?

e-mail your stuff to me by 16th of march yea? that's this sunday, 7 days from today! if for some reason or another any of you dont send it in, im just gonna put whatever sentence that comes to my mind about you, yea? and whatever pic of you that i can find ahah! well i'm sorry but i cant leave your space empty you know.

if you've got anything to ask or suggestions to make, you're very welcome to call/sms me (016-6310520) or just e-mail back to me, but chances are i'll get back to you later through e-mail cz i'll be on holiday! n_n

so pls send yours in so that i dont have to think of something silly to write about you!

p/s; pls forward this mail to our other peers cz i dont have evry1's e-mail add. thanks!


fuddy amir
Monday, March 10, 2008 10:24:00 AM

UPDATES 3 Graduation

Salam to all.

Sorry for the late updates. there were some details which took some time to be confirmed.

Our meeting with Puan Zaiton last Friday (29th February 2008) was fruitful. Alhamdulillah, we've agreed AND secured on a venue for our graduation dinner which will be at Raintree Club.

Our proposals were also approved. Here are the details about and leading to our Graduation:


8pm- 10:30pm

5th April 2008


Raintree Club, Kuala Lumpur


Colourful, formal (no specific colour theme)


For the girls' Graduation Costume for the morning ceremony, please take note that the gold and black jubah can be:

  • borrowed from a senior (you have to search and inquire yourself)
  • rented from the school (see Kak Aishah between 17th-23rd March for size-fitting)
  • bought by themselves (I'm not so sure about this since buying it would mean different designs... I think you have to ask Puan Zaiton Malek if the design has to be similar to the original one. Or maybe there is a shop which sells the exact same one... Please inquire her, thank you:)


Please take note that Performance practices will take place every Saturday morning at ADNI. Due to the time constraint, we only have about 4 practice times, so please be there.



Action Plan



25th Feb – 2nd March

· 28th Feb: Confirm Attendance

· 29th Feb: Meeting with BOD


3rd – 9th March

· 3rd March: Begin fund raising (hang up posters)


· Performance Practice 1 (every Saturday)

Performance practices will take place every Saturday morning at ADNI.


10th-16th March

· Adni on Term Holiday


17th-23rd March


· 17th March: Hand in content Graduate Book

· Costume Trial (see Kak Aishah at the office)

· Performance Practice 2

Fatimah Az-Zahraa is in charge of compiling details for the Graduate Book. For further details or inquiries, please refer to her.


24th-30th March


· Performance Practice 3


31st March –4th April


· Performance Practice 4

· 4th April: Rehearsal

· Checklist

5th April


· Graduation Dinner



5B: 30+

5C: 48

TOTAL= 121

BOD, Teachers, Alumni, Juniors and others= 70

TOTAL: 130+70= ~200


RM 50 per pax


· LCD Player

· White Screen

· Camcorder


Note: Total Day for Fund raising is 5 days a week X 4 weeks = 20 days (starting from 3/3/08)

There is a possibility that we are hiring an event decorator, which is the reason for our fund raising activities.

If anyone is interested in helping out, please do!:)

For any inquiries, please refer to the Fund raising manager- Puteri Nur Aqilah.



Things Required

Amount to be Used

Amount to be Made


Ice Cream Floats


· After school

· Daily

· Field/Gazebo

· Ice Cream

RM 5

Cost Per Float: RM 1.50

X 30 (a day)

=RM 45

· Drink

RM 3

· Paper Cup

RM 3




Car Wash and Polish

· Every day until need be

· Washing Materials

RM 20

Cost Per Wash :

Interior: RM 5

Exterior: RM 5

Polish: RM 15

Package: RM 20





· Anytime

· Paper

· Lamination

RM -

RM 3 each


RM -

RM 15


RM 240

RM 965


RM 725

Any inquiries, don't hesitate to call or email me

Alia Nadhirah
Thursday, March 6, 2008 12:02:04

Grad Attendance Reminder

Reminder to all,

It is VERY important that the number of attendees are known. Please confirm your attendance as well as how many people in your family will be coming to the grad day and grad dinner before THURSDAY 28th February to:

  • Puteri Nur Aqilah (for 5A students)
  • Mohd Sharafuddin (for 5B students)
  • Fatimah Az-zahraa (for 5C students)

thank you:)

Sun, 24 Feb 2008 15:15:00 +0800

UPDATES 2 Graduation

Salam all.

Today was the meeting with Puan Zaiton. These are the things outlined:

1. Graduation Committee
  • needs to be formed
2. Graduation Ceremony
  • Dates
    • 4th Friday - Rehearsal
    • 5th Saturday (morning) - ISTAAC Graduation
    • 5th Saturday (night) - Venue Dinner
  • Attendees
    • A formal invitation will be sent out
    • However, there are certain people incharge of determining the number of people attending. this is to estimate how much food is required. Please make sure that you confirm the number of people attending both the graduation morning and dinner. The people in charge are as follows:
      • 5A- Puteri Nur Aqilah
      • 5B- Mohd Sharafuddin
      • 5C- Fatimah Az-Zahraa
  • Costumes
    • Girls- black + gold jubah.
    • Boys - white robe (provided by the school) with a black baju melayu worn inside
    • Cost of renting the costume is RM 30
    • If you want a photography session, an extra of rm 30 is charged
    • Opting for both renting AND photography requires payment of only rm 50 (instead of rm30+rm30=rm60)
    • Trial for fitting costumes will be held from 17th March until 22nd March. Please see Kak Aishah anytime you are available between those times at the ADNI office to try them out.
3. Graduation Dinner
  • Venue
    • Although we have come up with various venues, we have shortlisted them to 3 as the other places are fully booked or over the budget. We have yet to decide the venue and it will be confirmed soon according to the suitability, insyaAllah. The places are:
      • Melia Hotel
      • Raintree
      • K Club
  • Program
  • Fees
    • The school will pay for the Venue and catering services before hand, thus our payments will be done later.
    • The catering for graduands are paid for
    • Teachers are paid for either by sponsors or parents
    • Parents or any family members require to pay for themselves
    • Fees will be determined according to the catering services
  • Program Book
    • The school has informed us that a program book will be made which will contain pictures and information of Graduands.
4. Performance
  • For the Graduation Dinner, we are required to do a performance. After much discussion and brainstorming, we have decided upon a performance which contains both a clip and acting. Dates for performance practices have yet to be confirmed but please do attend them as it is OUR presentation.
5. Fund raising
  • The need to fund raise is mainly to ease the 'financial burden' for the Graduation Dinner. Also, it is a KIV to hire an event decorator. The fund raising has not yet been confirmed but ideas are very much welcomed and those who are free to help out, please let me know.

That's all for now. You can contact me if there are any problems are inquiries.

Saturday, February 23, 2008 4:10:28 PM