Monday, April 28, 2008

Upcoming Events

Let's visit Iman! [Friday 2nd May 2008] [Sunway]
Small side story: I admit it is very difficult to figure out a way to reach Sunway through public transport excluding the taxi (my parents would not allow me to use the taxi in a million years). So I looked at the map and tried to figure a way to use the LRT and KTM or even bus (actually, haven't figured out the bus way yet)... Sadly, I have not yet reached a plan. Sorry:( If anyone can devise a plan, then please, discuss it with me. Maybe something better, we order a HUGE cake, and we all hide inside it, deliver to Iman and spring out in surprise!:D That way, we can have cake as well in celebration. Haha. No.
Conclusion: So, if Iman comes back this Friday for the girls' Qiyam, then that should be fine and we can get together then. Let us know your plans, Iman:)

Girls' Qiyam [Friday 2nd May 2008] [Adni]

Girls, I was informed that the Girls' Qiyam would be this Friday. Let's join?:) Even if we can't for the whole thing, at least a part of it would be fine.

Painting for Juniors [Morning, Saturday 10th May 2008] [Adni]
The date is not actually confirmed yet. Just a suggestion. Actually, their exam papers begin on 12th May... If we do it this Saturday, I'm afraid that it might be hectic, what with the Girls' Qiyam (plus, I can't make it in the morning though:P).
Let me know if you people can make it on this date. Or if majority prefer, you guys can do it on the 3rd May (after Girls' Qiyam). So it's 3rd may or 10th may. You guys call the shots.

Syed Harris' and Sharifah's wedding [Saturday 21st June 2008] [Janda Baik]
Kak Anisah contacted me and asked me to invite our batch to attend their wedding; because "Sharifah nak sangat semua datang for the alumni evening". hihi. The wedding is actually from the 19th til the 21st; though the dinner on the 21st is for the alumni. So, just let me know if you're coming or not and I can inform Kak Anisah yeah?:)


Anonymous said...

you can take lrt till kelana jaya then take a bus, there's a bus that goes to sunway..but i'm not sure which bus (forgot already)..
how does iman go to sunway??

imn. said...

iman goes to sunway with her mom and her dad when they send her back on weekends :)

Anonymous said...

owh..u stay in hostel?
can take lrt till kelana jaya then take a bus, there's a bus that goes to sunway..but i'm not sure which bus (forgot already)..u can js ask d ppl who works there.