Monday, October 26, 2009


Looks like there hasn't been much activity around here. besides the infamous cbox la. well anyway, i don't have anything t update either. i guess i should be asking YOU lot to update me on what's going on with YOU. y'know, update us all with what YOU are up to.. which sem of what, where, when u'll be done, what's next, yadayadayada..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

guess what?


Sunday, September 6, 2009

it was fun..

alhamdulillah, buka @ OU was FUN! there were awkward hi-s exchanged at first, and then got talking and then... ahaha we all took lotsa photos, tease each other like nobody's business, all the long-time-no-see stuff people do :)

and we didn't even lalu seoul garden restaurant.. reservations couldn't be made because it was fully booked for the next couple of days! gosh.. in the end we ended up buka-ing at Nando's. lucky we could find a place for 20 people at super short notice, like what, 45min before buka? at OU mesti tempat lain suma dah penuh..

photos have been uploaded and can be viewed at the following links;

imran's camera
my camera
rasya's camera (yet to be uploaded, you guys kena pester her!!)

it is such a shame that some of us couldn't make it, but there's always a next time kan? and besides, always got hikmah disebalikknya..

oh well, thanks la sape2 punya idea nak meralisasikan gathering ini :D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Buka Puasa JOM!

Sara Safeeya is inviting us all to buka pwasa.. details as follows;

date: Friday, Sept 4th o9
time: 4-9pm
venue: Seoul Garden Restaurant, OneUtama

its a buffet that would roughly cost RM36. date is changable. but let sara know laa.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


okay, so i hear that everyone does frequently open this blog. and some are finding it literally 'boring'. The blog is usually for updates, shout-outs and upcoming reunions etc. Tell me, what do you guys want to be done to make this blog more interesting?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

paintball bash.

salams all.

yes, silence has descended upon us all. and as the exams loom over many of us (myself personally not included, but i feel for the rest of you!), i hope to be the bearer of preeminent news and declare an official invitation to the ADNIALUMNI PAINTBALL BASH!

details are as typed below;

date: 2nd May 2009, Saturday

venue: TT Sports, Lot 017394 Taman Subang Ria, Subang Jaya

rendezvous point for convoy: ADNI islamic school (i’m sure everyone is familiar with this place :) )

time leaving rendezvous point: 7.30 AM. please be punctual, we leave ADNI at 730 AM. anyone who misses the convoy will be subjected to NO REFUND of RM50. we must be at the paintball arena by 8AM

time of activity: 8AM to 2PM

price:  RM 50. 

this includes all necessary paintball equipment 

200 pellets (more can be bought at request, but extra cash is needed)





we will have other side activities after lunch and paintball.

please bring:

a change of clothes (long sleeved tops, jeans)


mats (you don’t want to sit on the grass do you?)

bottle of water

insect repellent (if you personally need it)


the payment of RM 50 must be paid BEFORE THE 29TH OF APRIL (WEDNESDAY). 

the payment can be given to iman (019 631 77 22) or sharaf (013 315 94 76) in the form of CASH. 

iman & sharaf are in ADNI from 8am till 3.30pm on weekdays, so please give us a call to inform of us of your  payment.

RSVP:  please confirm/notify iman or sharaf  about your attendance by 2pm on the 24TH OF APRIL (FRIDAY). this is because we need to confirm with the organisers about how many people there will be in each team.

so, i really hope that you guys can come. it's not only for those who graduated adni, but those who attended it too :) so even if you didn't finish the whole term with us, you are MORE THAN WELCOME TO JOIN US :) please join us, the more people there are, the more awesome it will be. 

please contact iman and sharaf latest by tomorrow (friday, 24th april) to confirm/notify us of your attendance. 

hope to see you guys there! it'll be an amazing opportunity to shoot that annoying prefect in the bum. yes :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

change of plans

salam.orite peeps,bout our gathering next week.well,kebetulan the alumni is doing a gathering on te 2nd of may,so plan kita xjadi la.kang nk pegi twice,bosan lak,so yeah.on the 2nd May,mintak tlg kosongkn k.insyaAllah klo xde pape,we'll b playing most probably paintball n it'll be around area kl so xyah risau.further details will be posted up later.jom ramai2 datang.time ni la nk tembak smua orang ngahahahah.any problems,kasi tau awal2 aite.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

janji2 dahulu kala..:P

orite peeps,since ramai dh nk hbs exam this month,ingat nk buat aktiviti yg dh dr dulu plan nk buat tp xjd2 yeah.guys n gurls.pls confrmkn wen u peeps r free.weekdays,weekends.jst say it k.n wen dh dpt the right day,everyone!lets play paintball!!!!ngahahahah.jd tlg la confrim scepat mgkin aite..details nnt la.nk tau tarikh dulu..

Saturday, April 4, 2009


..when are u all punya exams?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snapshots of Adni's Sports Day 09

alrite peeps,here r some snapshots taken last sunday during the sports day..gmbr2 lain ade gak ngan bob(sori yek...salah tgk ngeheheh) & fardhly..yg len xsure lak..myb ade gak..hope korang leh upload mane2 la ek ngeheheh..hope u guys enjoy..
btw,ranking for this year:
p/s:kpd umah uhud,sori xamik gmbr khemah..time tu org start lari so terlupe :P

Sunday, March 8, 2009

be kids for once

Salam everyone! So what do u think if:

Date: Thursday 12th March 2009
Venue: Metropolitan Park; 20 mins from Adni
What?: KITE FLYING!!!! + Potluck Picnic:)

Transportation: For the guys, I think u have no problem and can handle urselves. For the girls, let me know how many of u can come and we'll arrange transport.

Time: Meet at adni at 3pm

Note: This park is specifically for kite flying. SO don't worry if u have no kite because u can buy them there! And tons of people go there anyways.

This is a once in a lifetime chance! Just let go and be able to shout your heart out and know how it feels to feel the wind against your face and your kite flying up high!:D People, let's drop all the rat-race for a while and be kids again for once:)

Give me response! I know u UIA people are on holiday!

second week of march

Okays, so i said earlier to free your second week of march (because that's MY holidays!:D). Sorry this planning and posting is so late... But anyways!

Because everyone will get busier towards the end of the year with exams and what not, why not we do a get together next week for Batch 5? (9th-15th march). And make it a super awesome one and make sure as many as possible can make it?:D

So we need to find:
1. A day
2. A time
3. What to do

The what to do, I either suggest kite flying or ice skating:) because kite flying is so awesome and you guys will laugh your heart out (and maybe we can have a picnic there too!). Buuuut, of course, you guys please please give suggestions asap so that we can put together something quickly for everyone!>_<

Sunday, March 1, 2009

ADNI Sports Day '09

Salam people!:)

Just wanna inform you of the upcoming sports day. If you guys still have the undampened spirit inside to cheer cheer cheer for your (ex-)houses; then come and whoop and cheer for them!

Date: Sunday 8th March 2009
Venu: Stadium Mini Bukit Jalil

U  H  U  D:H  U  N  A  I  N:B  A  D A  R:K  H  A  N  D  A  K

Al- Fatihah....

Extracted from Sekolah Islam Adni 18th Feb Newsletter:

Demise of Puan Badariah Baharin - Vice Principal 2

From Allah we come and unto Him we return. The school is sad to inform all members of ADNI that our Vice Principal 2, Puan Badariah Baharin returned to Allah SWT on Sunday, 15th February 2009. She has been with the school since 1996 and has gone a long way to contribute to ADNI. May Allah SWT reward her and place her among the muttaqien. For your information, her husband passed away in 2006, hence her younger children would need assistance, especially in education. Anyone who wish to contribute to Tabung arwah Puan Badariah, please forward your contribution to the ADNI office via Cik Hanina/ Cik Bada.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


...what are you guys up to this year?

Saturday, January 17, 2009


To: Carleton University, Canada.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are pleased to know that you have offered your admission to Ms Iman Azman of Malaysia into the Carleton's four year journalism program with an entrance scholarship worth CAD 3000 due to her OSSD grades. You have certainly made the right choice in admitting such a capable young woman full of energy and boundless enthusiasn. You will find her organized, pleasantly disciplined, over-flowing with creative juices and ever always, charismatic (and perhaps entertaining to an extent). She will be someone Canada has never seen before and create history as you've never known.

We congratulate you yet again on the excellent choice you have made. You shall not regret.

Yours Sincerely,

ADNI Gen05

free it now.

Batch 5, I'm giving a 1 and a half months announcement before hand:

Free your 2nd week of march 2009 (9th-15th). The date will be confirmed soon. Can you guys write down if you'll be having holiday that week? Thanks.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Thursday, January 1, 2009


Shahiran 4th January

Naseer 9th January

Iman and Fuddy! 10th January:)

Anis 31st January