Wednesday, April 23, 2008


salams. you can probably tell it's me, because of my ever so distingusihed font style and font size :) well, i told alia i would contribute to the blog, and i would love to. to those who do not know (i doubt that there are many) i'm in sunway college, yesyes, with sara rahman. and i have this one class where i have to keep a blog, and i must update it three times a week, and since i'm on blogspot a lot, i guess i should do my bit in 'pieceing back' our bond and relationships by writing in here.

well, how are y'all? there was a bowling thing last friday, which i initiated, but did not attend! i know right, you bloody hyprocrite imann!! i had good reason, so gimme a break guys. we'll make one soon. one where a lot of people can come, and stuff.

i really miss school a lot. i know that dulu we were all like 'i cannot wait to leave' , 'let's burn down the school', 'mampos lah this stupid blue building'. but honestly, it's so hard to be away from you guys. i'd still like to burn the school down, but id take you guys out first. haha. it's not so much school that i miss (expect islamic studies and math), i miss the hanging out, the teasing, the cepe and battleship and the babs here and bodos there.

hope everyone is doing well in wherever they are now. some in singapore (i miss you nunu!), some in jungles somewhere, some in their comfy homes sitting in front of computers allll day, some in college, and some who have simply fallen off the face of the universe.

keep in touch. regardless of how boring your life is, look at me :) lol. well, must go. i have a major test in socities and a video project that's due tomorrow.

i miss you guys loads. all of you.

currently in: communication technology class.
currently listening to: sara bareilles, love song
currently thinking: what if this was a year ago?

-faithfully; your ditz.

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nadhirah said...

yeah, i know iman. I went to amapang point and reached the bowling arena at 2:45 on the dot and was waiting and calling you and wondering where's iman?!?!?!>_<