Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Banner Painting

Salams everyone!:)

Hope you all are doing well:D

Remember "last time", the seniors used to make a poster cloth thing for the juniors wishing them all the best for their major exam (ie SPM and IGCSE)?

Eventhough we didn't get one from our seniors,doesn't mean we shouldn't do one for our juniors. I think maybe it's a good idea for us to paint/make one for OUR juniors as they are sitting for their exam next month (for IGCSE that is)

I know not everyone is 'close' to the juniors Batch 6 or they're not on good terms or whatever the excuses are, but hear me out first! Drawing and painting it is together with OUR batch so it's a good excuse to get together again and just have a good time painting, like all those times we did for the Merdeka event (the flag and the two award-winning posters which got wet in the rainXD...), for the Mathematics Week, for Sports Day House Decors and for the other merdeka poster (wc the girls did in sec 4 and we half finished it and ended up still painting to finish it up after the competition) and all the other every winning posters we did in our Secondary school and all. lol. Good memories:)

Anyways! I've not confirmed it yet. The date time and place. Of course it should be in these two weeks (since it should be before May/June). Maybe in school coz that's the easiest place we all can assemble.
As for materials and stuffs, we can just use the cloth we bought for our grad (if its still there) and borrow or buy or find pelaka/paint.

Let me know what u ppl think:)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 2:18:49 PM

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