Wednesday, April 23, 2008

UPDATES 10 Graduation


Updates? THere ARE no updates! AHahaha. Just kidding:P

- going really well and it's looking good, Alhamdulillah. Finally we've figured out an ending (a comparatively HAPPIER ending than what some people initially wanted:P lol)
-for those who made it, thank you:D

- THURSDAY 2:30pm at ADNI
- FRIDAY 9am at ISTAAC: Please be at ADNI by 8:30am so that we can all go together to ISTAC:)

-Today we've settled the decoration materials and things:D well, most of them... and most likely we'd be putting up the stuff on saturday before the dinner itself.
-I'm not so sure if we have the whole day to ourselves at Raintree or if we could just have a few hours before to put up the stuff.. but for sure i will update you guys on that:) Meaning after the morning ceremoney, we might go straight to raintree or just go to raintree a few hours before the real thing.
- remember our attire is part of the decors. Theme is WHITE and GOLD but we've extended to what we are allowed to wear to the colours: Brown, Beige, gold white and black

-Just to inform you guys that Raintree might most likely reserve parking spaces IN the club's compound to club members only. So maybe some people would have to park outside at the roadside or somewhere... Just to let u guys know...

5. Send me your parents' names.

That's all for now!:D Our graduation is next Saturday, people!>_<

Sunday, March 30, 2008 9:00:58 PM

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