Wednesday, November 10, 2010


salam! Musa is in the country, so i heard. and im guessing most of you all are on holiday? feedback please! we could have lunch or do something fun together soon if everybody's up for it!

Monday, May 17, 2010

ust. nijam gathering - it went well!

dear Gen 05 fans (ewaah! n_n),

The gathering with ust. Nijam was a success! Alhamdulillah, the turnout was great, but most of those present were from sec 5B/C (except for one Aqilah Aminuddin). I have to acknowledge here a certain Atiq Zain, for since we left school, i dont think anyone had seen him :D and also Iman, since she's in KL, i bet she needed to see everyone again too, and have a good malaysian meal to top it off. thank you all for coming.

for those who were not present, here is a personal and brief account of what happened.

The gathering was suppose to officially start at 5pm, and the invites had asked for everyone's presence BEFORE 5, which most managed to adhere to (thank you lots). There were myself, Amalia, Basma, Iman, Alia, Kausar, Melor, Rasya, Munirah and Aqilah, and we all came before the guys (except maybe Sharaf). Guys were; Sharaf, Imran, Fattah, Atiq, Amin, Fadly, Khuzairi.

Sharaf helped ferry ustNijam (and wife) from the train station (thank you Sharaf Shahdan).
Most of us were there and eating by 5, and everyone was busy updating each other and ust was talking about naseer alot too.

Iman's giant camera was being passed around snapping everything and everyone in it's way, so most of the photos are with her (including the group photos).
*for photos, please visit Iman's/G05's FB pages)

surprise surprise when Amin and Fadhly came with their out of the ordinary hair-dos. for those of us who didnt know their change of direction (in the hairstyling sense that is), including ustaz, wore an :O expression. personally, i felt like scratching my own hair when i saw amin. doesn't it ITCH? geram dowh.
enough of that.

when all were present, we each took turns round the table to tell ustaz what we were up to, and what's next. he took a video of each of us! >_<
and we made him speak too. of course. there's a video, but i need to edit it a little, and i'll post it up soon (basma video-ed it btw-- credits).

and oh, after all that, atiq walked in and everyone was again :O we havent seen him in ages.

last but not least, never ever had it been least, group photo! by 7, people started needing to leave, so iman handled the bill (no, she didn't exactly pay for us, but it was equally tough to do) and then we took photos outside the restaurant. penang village people were TOO BUSY to help snap the photos, so we had the Cozy House manager to take it for us :DD
and then bersurai.

it was fun! i'm glad the turnout was really good. and it was very nice to see ust. Nijam. and it couldnt have been better that it was teacher's day. we couldnt have celebrated him any better.

Happy Teacher's Day Ust. Nijam.

Fatimah Amir.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Dear friends of each others crazy pasts,

There will be a reunion this coming Sunday, that is organized especially for Ust. Nijam. He will be in KL this weekend and this reunion will be the perfect get-together for us all to meet him and each other. It'll just be a tea-that-may-lag-on-to-dinner thing, details as follow;

Date: 16th May 2010, SUNDAY
Time: After Asar (445/5pm) till (depending)
Venue: PENANG VILLAGE, Great Eastern Mall, Ampang.

Fyi, Penang Village restraunt is quite classy and my personal estimate of one person's meal is RM20-30. which is ok la, and considering it's a special occasion (UST. NIJAM COMING LA!), it should be proper. penang village link
GE mall surau is comfortable too. so asar/magrib covered with comfort.
to those who don't know where GE mall is, google it or something. but i doubt that there are many of you who don't.

anyways, please respond to the invite that Iman would have sent out to you, and if you think other people from our batch that are not on iman's friends list, please invite them too.

the aim NOW is to get the rough estimate of guests so reservations can proceed. please help out, it's not sooo hard to tell ME if you're coming or not K.

questions, info, ANYTHING regarding this that you require answers, please give me or iman a call/post on FB.

p/s; if you haven't, please join the G05 group on FB for your (and evereybody else's) convenience.

fuddy amir

Sunday, March 21, 2010

5b/c girls (2007) read the news

featuring; iman azman, alia nadhirah, munirah bafana', maryam sakinah, amalia afzan, rasya aqiyl
special thanks to siti nurul fitriah for buying the papers every morning.

Monday, January 25, 2010


good luck A-Level students getting their results today.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Looks like there hasn't been much activity around here. besides the infamous cbox la. well anyway, i don't have anything t update either. i guess i should be asking YOU lot to update me on what's going on with YOU. y'know, update us all with what YOU are up to.. which sem of what, where, when u'll be done, what's next, yadayadayada..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

guess what?