Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For us.

Assalamualaikum ADNI Generation 05!:)

There are 44 of us, and after Graduation Day, we've all gone our separate ways. I kept reading lines like: "We'll never see each other again!" and "I don't know when we'll ever meet.."

I know it's difficult for everyone to meet up again, what with lectures, assignments and other priorities (not to mention some are not in Malaysia) now that we are not bound by Adni Secondary 5 classes and activities (and morning talks and breaks and lunches... etc).

The memories we shared and went through together shouldn't end just because we can't see each other again.

So here, let's take advantage of the technological era.

This blog is for Adni Generation 05. For stories, announcements, birthday shout outs, catching ups, "all the best" wishes, encouragements, reminders and everything else!:) Just for us. And basically to stop us from wondering if our mates are still alive; if we've not heard from them for so long!XD

Plus, when I send announcements, I don't have everyone's emails. Or maybe some people don't use their email accounts often. Or some people get soo many emails that they might miss mine out:(

At least we know where everyone is. And 10 years down the road, I don't want it to be that we can't recognize any of us even if they are right in front of our noses. Instead, from 20 miles, we can already spot and start screaming, "OMG that's fuddy!!!". (I will not mention Iman Azman because you know your name has been put up countless times in other blogs:P)

If you want me to put up a post, email to and I'll put it up for you. Any suggestions or pictures you want put up, let me know too:)

Make this spot your homepage!:D And InsyaAllah there will be more posts and add-ons to come.

We are still and always connected. Just that with a site, we see/feel it better:) lol.


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