Sunday, September 28, 2008

i remind you yet again.

ok, that's it people! if i do not see you on saturday, we will no longer be friends. so there. yet AGAIN i remind thou;

saturday, 4th october 2008, 2pm
no 12, jalan persiaran ukay, vila sri ukay 
(if you're coming from melawati and all, take the turning AFTER bukit antarabangsa exit, NOT THE BUKIT ANTARABANGSA EXIT, the one directly after it, and BEFORE THE ADNI EXIT)
it's potluck, so please bring something ok

call me before raya to tell me if you i shall be expecting your attendance, because if it's too little people i am going to have call in sunway reinforcements to fill up the house.

make sure you call and tell me that you can come! yes.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

another wedding. yes!

salams all, again :)

well as some of you might have heard, or might not have heard; kak nihlah johari is getting married soon! congratulations to her, and now basma is going to have another brother :)

anyhow, she would really appreciate it if you can fill out the details below and send them to her e-mail. nak wedding card or not hah? lol.

1. your full name: 
2. your mailing address:
3. your phone number:
4. your e-mail address:
5. your parents' names:
6. where you are currently studying now:

and you can just send it to
but if you're malas to do it, just fill in the information and put it under comments and i will send it to her from you. yes, i am in a bored mood. be thankful :)

yes, and those who can come to the Raya Gathering, please text me or send a comment telling me of your presence. no messages in cbox ok? because sometimes i don't know who is who.

so recapping; please send the needed information to kak nihlah's e-mail or just drop a comment on this post and i'll send it for you. and tell me if you're coming for the Raya Gathering.

thanks, see y'all soon.

salams and love,

p.s: happy 18th birhday afiq. don't eat mcd tonight, boycott.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

G05 Raya Gathering.

ramadhan kareem everyone :)

i know it's just been five days into ramadhan, but i met up with alia and aqilah today and we thought that we MUST have a raya gathering. must must must MUST! because some of us wil be leaving soon and early of next year, and Allah knows when we'll all be in the same country for raya and this might be the last raya we have together in a long long time. so, i give you 'Seniors 2007 Raya Gathering!'

yes, your prayers are answered! we can finally meet everyone in one place again (well those who decide to come lah) and see how each other is. so the details are as followed:

venue: iman's house; 12 jalan persiaran ukay, vila sri ukay, ampang. it's in between bukit antarabangsa and adni, so you'd have no trouble finding it. and most of you have been to my house anyway, so don't complain and tell me you don't know where it is. i do have a phone, call me.

date: saturday, 4th october 2008. ok, so it's on the 4th day of raya. i know for some people it's like 'we're still at kampung lah' and all that, BUT a lot of us start our classes the following monday (6th october) so we might never get it together to have a gathering after that because some of us might be busy with finals (especially yours truly). so we're having it on the 4th day of raya. i'm telling you this now, so nanti you can't complain and tell me you're not coming because i'm telling you like almost a month in advance! so i better see you then..

time: 2pm till 5pm. my mom says between zohor and asar is ok.

the catch: ok, so obviously you're not getting totally free food..i'm no atm. it's a potluck thing. so please bring food, drinks, whatever that is consumable. and since it is raya, i don't think it'll be cool for everyone t bring kuih raya. we can't have a raya gathering with only 20 different types of kuih raya. so please bring food yea. no food, no entry. i am serious. and bawak perut kosong is not counted, because we can't eat your perut kosong.

dress code: we've always had these things, and it is raya; therefore everyone has to dress up in raya clothes! no, actually i'll repharse that, everyone has to wear traditional clothes. because someone might say that jeans is baju raya. and i don't want anyone to wear jeans or casual stuff. come in baju kurung, baju melayu, baju kedah, tradtional clothes ok! if anyone dresses inappropriately, i'm going to roll you down the slope of my house.

i know that was a lot of insturctions, but you guys should be able to handle it by now :) so Raya Gathering; it's on. and everyone is invited from our batch. i mean everyone! 5ABC. please come. we haven't met each other in so long (and i miss a lot of you guys) and a few of us are leaving, so COME THIS RAYA! spread the word, and call me if you need any clarification or anything. check the blog for updates and reminders. 

so, i'll see you guys sooooon!

selamat berpuasa-ing.

Monday, September 1, 2008

[To Septemberians] Happy Advanced Birthday:D

7th Afiq

10th Aishah

10th Fauzan

11th Imran

14th Amin

19th Azudin
21st Afiq Hazim

23rd Fattah