Wednesday, April 23, 2008

UPDATES 2 Graduation

Salam all.

Today was the meeting with Puan Zaiton. These are the things outlined:

1. Graduation Committee
  • needs to be formed
2. Graduation Ceremony
  • Dates
    • 4th Friday - Rehearsal
    • 5th Saturday (morning) - ISTAAC Graduation
    • 5th Saturday (night) - Venue Dinner
  • Attendees
    • A formal invitation will be sent out
    • However, there are certain people incharge of determining the number of people attending. this is to estimate how much food is required. Please make sure that you confirm the number of people attending both the graduation morning and dinner. The people in charge are as follows:
      • 5A- Puteri Nur Aqilah
      • 5B- Mohd Sharafuddin
      • 5C- Fatimah Az-Zahraa
  • Costumes
    • Girls- black + gold jubah.
    • Boys - white robe (provided by the school) with a black baju melayu worn inside
    • Cost of renting the costume is RM 30
    • If you want a photography session, an extra of rm 30 is charged
    • Opting for both renting AND photography requires payment of only rm 50 (instead of rm30+rm30=rm60)
    • Trial for fitting costumes will be held from 17th March until 22nd March. Please see Kak Aishah anytime you are available between those times at the ADNI office to try them out.
3. Graduation Dinner
  • Venue
    • Although we have come up with various venues, we have shortlisted them to 3 as the other places are fully booked or over the budget. We have yet to decide the venue and it will be confirmed soon according to the suitability, insyaAllah. The places are:
      • Melia Hotel
      • Raintree
      • K Club
  • Program
  • Fees
    • The school will pay for the Venue and catering services before hand, thus our payments will be done later.
    • The catering for graduands are paid for
    • Teachers are paid for either by sponsors or parents
    • Parents or any family members require to pay for themselves
    • Fees will be determined according to the catering services
  • Program Book
    • The school has informed us that a program book will be made which will contain pictures and information of Graduands.
4. Performance
  • For the Graduation Dinner, we are required to do a performance. After much discussion and brainstorming, we have decided upon a performance which contains both a clip and acting. Dates for performance practices have yet to be confirmed but please do attend them as it is OUR presentation.
5. Fund raising
  • The need to fund raise is mainly to ease the 'financial burden' for the Graduation Dinner. Also, it is a KIV to hire an event decorator. The fund raising has not yet been confirmed but ideas are very much welcomed and those who are free to help out, please let me know.

That's all for now. You can contact me if there are any problems are inquiries.

Saturday, February 23, 2008 4:10:28 PM

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