Wednesday, April 23, 2008

UPDATES 11 Graduation

Assalamualaikum everyone!:D

1 more day to graduatioN!:D

For today's 'rehearsal' we had a meeting with Puan Zaiton and Puan Laili and they told us what to do during the rehearsal (plus the real thing) for the morning ceremony. It is quite complicated (to me) because we have to sorta rotate and change seats... So if majority can come tomorrow, then it would be much easier for things to go smoothly on the real day and the people who couldnt come to the rehearsal, they could just follow whatever we do:P

Here's a few reminders:

-For the dinner, please confirm the number of people coming. THe number needs to be confirmed so that they can be seated in such a way that your family members/guests sit together.
-Confirm it by TOMORROW. If you can't come to Adni tomorrow, at least call the office 0342526810 and speak with Puan Noorma as she handles the attendance.

- Tomorrow we'll be going to ISTAAC from ADNI at 9:00am so please be at adni between 8-8:30am.
-Over there, we'll be rehearsing for the morning ceremony until before Solat Jumaah and we'll head back to school.
-At adni, we'll rehearse the dinner performance and finalize the tentative program and everything else:D plus how we enter the hall and how we give the gifts. Those who are performing, please make sure that your 'costume' for the performance is already settled by tomorrow too.

-Wear your Morning Ceremony Graduation Attire from home
-After the morning ceremony, some of us would have to go to Raintree for decorations and also performance practise there. Transportation would be arranged for these few people. After we're settled with everything over there, you can decide to go home and get ready and take a rest.
-Then the DInner begins:)

See you guys tomorrow!:D Or if not, Saturday thenXD

Take care.. Wasalam.

Thursday, April 03, 2008 8:52:28 PM

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