Monday, April 28, 2008

how hypocritical.

let's visit iman in sunway:
i squealed out loud in com tech class when i read this. because, it's the first line in that post :) how refinely honored am i? very much. haha. anyway firstly; 2nd may is a horrible date. it should be erased off all calenders in the world. the universe would do so much without the date '2nd may'. anyway, i'm horribly sorry, but i cannot make it back home this weekend, and i cannot come to qiam either. i know, i know; the whole hypocritical thing. but i have finals on the 26th of may. and i have 13 more classes till my finals. which means i really don't want me to elaborate.
anyhow. you girls should go to qiam. really. you guys havent seen each other in so long, and i know the juniors would jump out of their skulls to see us. i mean you guys..minus me. haha. so make sure you go. and show support and stuff.

painting the banner thing:
sounds good. but wouldn't it be easier if people just stayed back after the qiam for the painting? i dunno, but if more people can come on the 10th, then maybe you should do it on the 10th. you're the el'capitan als. ;)

short post; but i got to run, the rain is starting.

love much.

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