Sunday, July 20, 2008

graduation pictures for sale.

salams all. 

everyday i come to this blog to see if there is anything new, and so far i am dissapointed everyday. so i have decided to take matters into my own hands and update :) i can't depend on other people as they are ALL superbly busy.

to those who haven't picked up their graduation pictures from the adni office, i strongly advise you to do so NOW! just go to the office and ask the people there, nicely!, if you could get your graduation pictures.

they'd probably go and get the pictures at the back or something. and while you wait, i suggest you take out RM25 *well, that's how much it costs, you don't expect it to be FREE do you?* and the nice office ladies will ask you how you're doing and what college you're at now. i suggest you answer them nicely!

your graduation picture package will contain a huge ass picture if you and your family. and another picture of you taking your scroll. and you'll also get a cd containing all the photographer pictures. i think 300+ pictures are inside the cd.

totally worth it. there are some pictures i don't even remember taking. and everyone punye picture is in there. including one of my dad, so just ignore that one. 

will post the pictures later on *when it's NOT 2.17am*. so make your way to the adni office and get your graduation pictures. because if you don't buy them, who else will?

oh, and some indonesian exchange students are in adni now. next week they will be going to janda baik for a weekend english camp and we are in need of facilitators. so i strongly urge those who want to come, or can come, to tag along with us. because we need help :) if anything, just call iman. 

missing you guys loads. see you soon.

Monday, July 7, 2008


update! just a few people that i recently chatted with, and their whereabouts;

Saddiq -quit NZ ice-cream dah [ :( no more discounts/free icecreamm... ], gonna do SAT (secondary admission test) -its american- at @ Princeton Review (upon confirmation), till dec/jan, will fly off to US in june next yr, maybe...

Imran - i guess everyone would know about him already but.. what the heck.. Business foundation @ KBU, recently started.

Alfie Farhdly - he intends to study law.. where? donno.. he says its a loooong story.......

Kausar - concentration on her SPM, registered under Adni but studying by herself.

Amalia - Technology Park M'sia, BSc Biotechnology, American Degree Transfer Program 2+2, so in 2yrs time, she'll be off...

Fattah - degree in Accountancy @ UiA nilai... he seems to b doing fine there..

Khuz - masscom @ segi college

ok so maybe u guys would have known the whereabouts of @least one of these people, but to those yg x tau, well here u go n_n so yea these are yang i have tanya khabar, the rest probably other people know, but i dont, so im sorry for not writing about those people... and to those reading, hope u are well and fine in health, and more importantly, iman.

fuds amir
TARC time