Wednesday, April 23, 2008


What little pictures I have just to show Graduation Day. I'll find more later:)
Graduation Day cannot be put into words because of the many events and emotions.

Oath Taking, Graduation Ceremony
-5th April 2008-

Clockwise from Left: Sara, Iman, Liyana, Kevser, Basma, Aqilah, Amalia, Alia, Azreen, Rasya
-After Morning Ceremony-

From Left, Back row: Sharaf, Khuzairi, Saddiq, Afiq, Fahdly, Naseer
From Left, From row: Teacher Rasyidah, Atiq
-Graduation Dinner-

From Left: Azam, Sharaf, Ust Nijam, Fahdly, Khuzairi
-Graduation Dinner-

5th April 2008

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