Monday, December 15, 2008

reunion 13th december pictures and update.

i know i wasn't there, but people are asking for photos from that day. therefore, here are some pictures from imran's myspace. hope it's ok that i'm posting them up here. 

pictures by imran. not me. 

glad the reunion went well, and sorry for not being able to attend. i know, i have issues. so like alia has posted before this, we are actually having our annual adni alumni get-together. or as i like to say 'par-tayyy'. well not really lah. 

the venue has changed from adni to syed harris's house in kajang. details on transportation will be given latest by tomorrow inshallah. and since it will be at a different venue, it will most probably be early in the day, maybe in the morning. date still stays the same, 20th december.

what i wanted to let everyone know is that i will be making calls to those people of whom i possess their numbers, if i don't have your number, sorry lah ye. read the blog. 

anyhow, i need to know if you're coming. so please comment either in the cbox or here. our batch is in charge of bringing beef. which is like beef steak thingies. and i know that at the last gathering the first batch brought these meat things, and i guess the safest bet is to get those beef steaks and marinate them and we're going to have a barbeque going on at the gathering so we'll cook 'em there. so, i have no qualms about buying and preparing the beef on YOUR behalf. i'll bring the beef to the gathering, and i will be a tax collecter and collect like RM5 each of you. cheaper if i can find cheaper meat and cheaper if more people come. it will be a potluck, but since i'm bringing the meat on your behalf, just come with your stomachs.

this is going to be the biggest reunion yet. we're going to have people from the first batch all the way to the newest sixth batch. even some old IICians are coming, so i heard. so please do come. transport details will be conveyed as soon as possible. 

trust me, you'd want to come for this one. it'll probabaly be our last one of these before more of us fly away. *hint hint*. so if anything, call me 019 631 77 22. 

don't abuse the number chicadees. 



Anonymous said...

aduii plzz delete my pic yg tersengeh besar tu..tlng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

yg ko tersengih gila bsr tu pn apsal??? hahaha..

Anonymous said...

gambar bukan aku yg amik smue...
sharaf, afiq, n fred pon amik gambar skali tau...
penat2 diorang amik gambar, aku plak yg dpt name..