Monday, December 15, 2008


yay ok :)

so i have details. please go to this facebook link; ADNI alumni BBQ get-together

venue: syed harris and sharifah fatimah's residence.
 No 19, jalan melati 2 off sungai kantan, kajang
date: 20th december 2008, saturday
time: 10am

transport can be provided for you give that you call atiqah johari, 012 385 14 77 BEFORE SATURDAY so she can arrange transport for you. the convoy to syed harris's house will leave adni at 830am i believe, so if you have your own cars and just need a guide, please be at adni BEFORE 830am.

i'll be calling you guys.


Anonymous said...

wat time will it end???

lwn futsal ngn diorg lps d gathring nk (gen 05 vs d rest)?? - 4 d boys..

imn. said...

i'm sure that will be possible :)

i think the thing will end about 2 i suppose.

Anonymous said...

giler sexist musa ni.boyz je bleyh main futsal,gurlz tk bleyh?my gfren roxyn siap wakil pj lagi ok!nk fight tk team gfren aku?gerenti korang kalah like hell!

Anonymous said...

bak dtg ah!! hahaha..
bkn ko kata ko single ke?????

shaydee said...

Iman.the number you have is Jabbar's num la

imn. said...

well excuse me.