Thursday, December 11, 2008

meeting on saturday.

calling all 5th batch people. 

yes, that means you too. 

our alumni is having their 'annual' meeting this saturday at adni at 10am.

i repeat;
meeting at ADNI this SATURDAY, 13th DECEMBER at 10AM.

i will be going, since alumni meetings are fun, but we need a guy to represent the guy side. actually, if more people would come, it's even better.

so, please take note of this meeting, and try to show up.



Anonymous said...

izit only the 5th batch?

dn d sunday?

nadhirah said...

Saturday: adni alumni meeting includes all batches if im not mistaken.

Sunday: G05 Reunion

Is that right?

Anonymous said...

some sources said that the reunion on Sunday is changed to Saturday, after the alumni meeting. Iz zat so???