Saturday, December 13, 2008


Salam everyone:)

For the alumni meeting today, we discussed on putting together an alumni get-together (something like the one we did last year at janda baik).

So, here are the details:

DATE: Saturday 20th December 2008

Time: 5pm (evening)

Venue: Sekolah Islam Adni
*the venue has long been debated. We wanted some place to do outdoorsy stuff AND somewhere people can easily converge and for everyone's convenience. Suggestions for a better place is very much welcomed and may be considered:)*

Food has been divided in such a way that each batch has been assigned to provide food for 40 people.
Batch 1: Seafood - sotong, udang fish
Batch 2: Marinated Mutton/ Lamb
Batch 3 and 4: Marinated Chicken, Drinks and Nasi Ayam (just the Nasi)
Batch 5: Marinated Beef (in charge is Iman Azman)
Batch 6: Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Bread, Fruits, Salad

Be a sport, people. Come and make an enjoyable get-together because your presence is very much needed:D

Any inquiries, you know who to call: Iman. And confirm your attendance with her too.

Any updates will be blogged:)

PS. Anyone took pics of the lunch & bowling reunion? Can a few be put up here if there are any?


Anonymous said...

you can get it from imran..
why didn't u attend it?

me said...


Anonymous said...

ha'ah lah...
imran nyer camera kan ade..
tapi die tak amik gambar bnyk lah...
aku nampak org lain yg amik guna cam die..
lagi pon die cute lah ngan rambut die..hehe