Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ready to go

ok seems like its going to happen.


date; 14th dec 08
time; 11am-130pm bowl, 130pm-330pm lunch (give n take)
place; ampang superbowl/restaurant of choice, decide then

please help spread the word ok. jgn la xde org dtg plak.

kay2 have fun.

fuds amir.


Anonymous said...

tkde transport la..
ade shuttle bus tk?

Anonymous said...

makan kat pelita... murah skit..
klo duduk tgk korang main bowling xpe eh.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

boleh tak lunch dulu??
pagi2 tak free ah.. klo tak bowling aku x blh dtg...
lunch at 1.30-2.30..
bowl/fusbal/snooker/ny oder activity at 2.3o-4.30/5...

Anonymous said...

kalo cmtuh kena solat awal la? kol 1:03 tros solat.

k gak tuh =)