Monday, December 8, 2008

almost done

ok here's the plan.

date; 14th dec 08
time; 11am-330pm
place; ampang point/ampang superbowl

(A) 1st have lunch @ any restaurant of choice, there's plenty there right, then go bowling for a few hours then can go back n sempat zuhr insyaAllah
(B) bowl first then eat
(C) just bowl
(D) just eat

sunday bcs nobody has classes on sunday rite? well @ least most la.

ampang cz u guys said it's accesible 4 u guys, and ampang point cz everyone knws where it is and its got bowling. if x nak bowling n just nk pegi makan, and u guys nk makan tempat lagi best or sumtg, please say so ok, decisions made based on majority.

ok, pls agree/disagree/suggest better stuff asap. ask around too okay. need to finalise.

fuds amir.


Anonymous said...

ur plan D is gud enuf. I've no problem wif that =D


Anonymous said...

pi ice skating?? XD


Anonymous said...

kat sunway... hehe XP

imn. said...

you guys have fun! see y'all another time then :)

Anonymous said...

wanna go ice-skating ke??? u guys what's ur say?

if sume nk go ice-skating then tukar venue @ sunway je la.. bt can most of u get there?

Anonymous said...

tk nk ah ice skating.ampang ok reti la main ice skating.aku bkn orng ice,aku orng hot..

say no to ice skating!

Anonymous said...

ice skating lah best...
tpi nnt 5 org jea dtng...

Anonymous said...

arghh klau nk ikut suke masing2,aku nk g clubbing..smue dtng la clubbing..cmner?kite jmper dkt masjid at-taqwa..