Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Most Vain Batch (?)

From left: Alia, Iman, Fuddy, Kosa, Nurul, Aishah, Afiq, Faris, Imran, Azudin, Halim

Salam everyone!:) It was really a surprise to see quite a number of people from our batch attending Syarifah's wedding on Saturday. It was a pleasure to meet you guys again!:)

We took soo many pictures; here and there and searching for a good spot for our batch picture before finally settling on one. Someone commented that it seems like our batch took the most pictures. We can be awarded as "The Most Vain Batch". Lol.

But I think it's just simply that we love looking through them again and again to remind us the good times we have and to show we have happy memories with each other:)

Special mentions to:
photographer Khuzairi:) *that's why he's not in many of the pictures*

And Imran for taking so many snapshots... *though I have no pics from him*
Aaand Iman; because without her we wouldn't have so much fun with Taboo.

As always, we have so much laughter and smiles because of each others' presence.

We discussed that maybe someone from our batch should get married quick so that we can have another gathering and see each other again!:D


imn. said...

ima volunteers to be the first one to get married :)

nadhirah said...

lol. and the candidate's name is...?:P

Anonymous said...

yeah...our batch take pictures all the time, everywhere we go...

imn. said...

the name is yet to be determined. but any takers? :) nyaha, so jual diri ok.

Anonymous said...

=O usual my picture is the only one yg tkder =.= huhuhuhu

hint: i'm in ur batch, and i did attend the wedding..but i'm the only one that is not in the batch picture...guess who?? =)