Wednesday, June 4, 2008

adnig05 bloggers; and their crap :)

this is getting out of hand. no one comes to this blog anymore! is it because there's nothing to read? well, i guess so; but i don't know what is appropriate to say on this blog. i don't know if i'm allowed to use the word 'f**k' or 'babi' or 'shit' know..all thos iman appropriate words :) and i even noticed that people don't even write in the Cbox anymore.

maybe it's because the magic of alia nadhirah is gone while alia nadhirah is away. now i know how tough it is on her to write stuff that people will read. i mean what do we write up here anyway? everyone kan dah ade their own blogs. so here is a list of blogs that you can go and read. find out what they're up to and comment their blog if you're rajin, and if you're a good friend. lol. the G05 bloggers, that i know of;

ahmad musa:
alia nadhirah:
fatimah az-zahraa:
iman azman:
nur liyana:
raysa aqiyl:
puteri nur aqilah:

so there you go. catch up with them, and if you're rajin too, start lah your own blog ye?

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nadhirah said...

awww im so touched to know i have magic in me!:) Alhamdulillah, I'm back:D Ahahha good to know that you'll be on holiday since I won't be! I'm gonna hafta start next week>_< wish me all the best:)