Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fikrah Adni is OUT!:)

Salams everyone...

Fikrah ADNI; Adni's yearbook is out. This is the last fikrah that we'd be presented as Adni students; aka seniors. Next year and the years after that, we'd be called Alumni. Though we actually are already... sort of...

So get your copy at the ADNI office! Our page(s) look super cool!:) I especially love the page that farah did -ie memoirs of Secondary 5. It looks awesomeXD

Here's a cool secret (cheh:P): For our pages, (the one where it shows a complete profile for each and everyone of us) it is actually a BIG picture of a board (at least that's how it was designed as initially). That's why some of them has only borders at one side or two sides but not completely. If you tear out the pages and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle, you'll see that they all join together:) though don't do that please. Just get many of the fikrah books and open them at each individual page and fit them together. Does that make sense? Lol. It has two parts because not everyone can fit together... So here's how it looks like:

Purchase your own copy now! While stocks last. Hihi:P

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nukles said...

OMGEEE!!!!!!! COUld someone please hold on to one copy for me! I'D TRULY APPRECIATE THAT PERSON FOREVER MORE! Thanks...Loves!