Monday, July 7, 2008


update! just a few people that i recently chatted with, and their whereabouts;

Saddiq -quit NZ ice-cream dah [ :( no more discounts/free icecreamm... ], gonna do SAT (secondary admission test) -its american- at @ Princeton Review (upon confirmation), till dec/jan, will fly off to US in june next yr, maybe...

Imran - i guess everyone would know about him already but.. what the heck.. Business foundation @ KBU, recently started.

Alfie Farhdly - he intends to study law.. where? donno.. he says its a loooong story.......

Kausar - concentration on her SPM, registered under Adni but studying by herself.

Amalia - Technology Park M'sia, BSc Biotechnology, American Degree Transfer Program 2+2, so in 2yrs time, she'll be off...

Fattah - degree in Accountancy @ UiA nilai... he seems to b doing fine there..

Khuz - masscom @ segi college

ok so maybe u guys would have known the whereabouts of @least one of these people, but to those yg x tau, well here u go n_n so yea these are yang i have tanya khabar, the rest probably other people know, but i dont, so im sorry for not writing about those people... and to those reading, hope u are well and fine in health, and more importantly, iman.

fuds amir
TARC time


illusionist said...

uhh.. the SAT i know stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test.. maybe.. tht's another SAT?

hey where does amalia goes 2 again?

Anonymous said...

owh really, im just quoting what he said.. i dont know, it culd be a diff xam altogehter n_n