Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Wedding!

salams! with this, my first post, im now an official member of the authors of this blog n_n heheh..

well anyways. i'd like to announce the next upcoming event,

wedding recepetion of Sharifah & Syed Harris
21st June o8 8-11pm @ Tmn Hana, Janda Baik
semi-formal, wear pastel colours..

this dinner is exclusively for the alumnis. TRANSPORT & ACCOMODATIONS CAN BE PROVIDED. so please do inform Iman if you're coming or not and whether you'll need transport and/or accomodations provided for you. BY WEDNESDAY.

you guys are also invited to go to the other receptions but i'm not very sure of the details. so sorry..

so i guess that's it. ok?

melawati time


illusionist said...

umm.. yeah i need a ride there.. so.. who am i suppose to contact iman right? xD

nukles said...

8 pm to 11 pm?? awesomeness. I'M GOING!!