Friday, May 30, 2008

who is at where.

okk, so some have been whining saying that this blog is not updated; well be prepared for no more un-updated blog days because iman azman has officially finished her first semester! whoo hoo :) and i start balik in july, therefore i have a whole month to make sure that you have plenty to read. i hope.

aqilah has given me the sole responsibility for updating everybody about where everybody is/or is going to. my social calender has been kind of off; so if there's like a blank next to your name, that means i don't know/or is not sure about where you're going. just letak kat cBox who you are and where you're at ok?

so here we gooo;

5A (forgive me if i forgot someone!)
adeeb: unknown
alif: unknown
anis: unknown
aqilah: Medicine at CUCMS Cyberjaya
azam: unknown
azreen: Government Matriculation at Negeri Sembilan
beck: KLIUC
bob: unknown
fauzan: KLIUC
fikri: MMU Cyberjaya
halim: KLIUC
hazwan: unknown
mimi: Science A Levels at TAR College
nana: APIIT
sara: KDU
shahiran: Accountancy at UITM, Muar
shaqeel: MMU Cyberjaya
zana: unknown

afiq: A Levels at KYUEM, Lembah Beringin
aishah: IIC
alia: Medicine at CUCMS Cyberjaya
amin: A Levels at HELP University College
basma: UIA Matriculation PJ
fattah: UIA Matriculation Nilai
imran: UIA Matriculation Nilai
kausar: unknown
melor: IIC
saddiq: American Degree Program at Unitar (or Unita?!)
sara: Arts A Levels at TAR College
sharaf: UIA Matriculation PJ

amalia: Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology at Technology Park Malaysia College
atiq: MMU melaka
fred: no one knowss
fuddy: Science A Levels at TAR College
iman: Canadian International Matriculation Program at Sunway College
khuzairi: Arts at Segi College
maryam: UIA Matriculation PJ
mo: Medicine at CUCMS Cyberjaya
musa: Darul Quran at Sana'a, Yemen
naseer: unknown
nurul: A Levels at Singapore
rasya: Arts A Levels at TAR College
zharfan: unknown :) *sorry!*

okk, well that is who i know. kalau ade yang salah, or ade yang i put 'unknown' tu, just tell me and i'll change it yea.

right, one more thing; happy starting your new semesters!


Aqilah said...

no iman, u didnt forget anyone in 5A!!! hahahaha :D congrats to u! :P

imn. said...

oh oh, i am getting better than. lol.

n a n a said...

haha! perasan seyh iman. btw, i miss u alot! and congratulation for finishing ur fisrt semaster. I'll be following you. Soon! Lol!

nadhirah said...

heyy no fair!!! Last time i wanted to do this who is where thing aqilah didn't let me and NOW she asks iman to do it. Lol. FIne that's good anyway because you've got that updated:D

Anyways, we can't actually expect to have this constantly updated because it's not like we're together much anymore:(

It would have been really awesome if we did it from form5! That would have been really cool... what with the fundraising stuffs and events and our moments. They really all shud have been put up... THough what I thought is that we can put up the pictures THIS year as a remembrance. For eg on Aug 31, we can put up our pics for merdeka! Lol. There were many funny ones:P

We try:)