Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Banner DONE!:)

Here's the Banner Painting we did for the Juniors; IGCSE and SPM Candidates. I really wish we had one for our batch>_< ... I know that maybe you can't see that clearly because of the lighting and maybe because the camera didn't capture the whole thing... I couldn't snap the whole banner because there were lockers behind me and couldn't go beyond that. Should have asked help from Imran or Sharaf to take the photos... The names of the candidates are decorated at the top and bottom of the banner, each name separated by golden smileys;courtesy of Kausar for the paint and Iman for the paint-ing. Lol.
The advice reads:

  1. Bring square root of 3567 french curves in case one breaks
    *It just means bring extra. It would be super scary if your french curve breaks while you're about to do a quadratic or trig graph for addmaths or an Ogive curve for maths. I would be in absolutely panicked mode*

  2. Race for the van when to/from exam
    *This especially goes to the girls because last year, there are many people in our batch and the van would have to take two trips. Once, the guys took the van first and we had to wait for about half an hour til we could go back to school.*

  3. Bring extra $ for the yummy hot dogs
    *Sometimes we have lunch or breakfast at IIS and sometimes we would be just plain hungry after an especially mentally tiring exam. The hot dogs th
    ere are a fave among our batch:)*

  4. Bring oxygen tanks when going up the stairs
    *Exam hall is on the topmost floor. Which is the fourth floor if I'm not mistaken. Added with the books that we have to carry and everything. We are left breathless once we reach there. However, I pointed out to Iman that if we brought oxygen tanks up, we would be even more tired because those tanks are not light. Lol*

  5. Statement of entry is a MUST
    *The only ever time I forgot to bring my Statement of Entry was the only ever time the invigilator asked to look at it. I never forgot to b
    ring it again*
Best Wishes
From Seniors 2007


imn. said...

hahahaha! what an appropriate picture als :) nyahahahahaha. grrr. well, you forgot to mention that the brand name of the hot dog rolls are 'yumy'. lol. and the advices are all wack cos i made some of them up! haha.

nadhirah said...

yeah I know kan?:) THough if you follow the picture, the acronym would be a.i.k, not a.k.i. Lol.

And the advices are meant to be funny! As wacko as they all are... Lol. But others ARE true.. Like racing for the van. And the statement of entry. So yeah:)

Aki said...

A.K.I! hahaha thats MY name! so like it or not, im part of de banner! >_< good job guys! :D

XIII said...

i guess u forgot to write:
do not allow those who don't have any exams to go to IIS..ahaha