Thursday, May 8, 2008

Qiyam and Painting (again)

Girls' Qiyam[10th May] [cancelled until further notice]

Okay so I know that Qiyam was moved tomorrow and some people know it. This afternoon when I met Teacher Fatin, she said qiyam tomorrow is cancelled because first semester exam is on monday; so if there are any last minute changes or whatsoever, I'll be sure to post it up, InsyaAllah. Not so sure about it being on the 16th either. Once a date is confirmed, I'll inform you people.

Banner Painting [Saturday, 9am 10th May][BRING YOUR OWN PAINTBRUSHES!]
This saturday, we'll be doing the painting!:) I've asked permission from ust Muallimin and he said we can use either the muttaqin centre (where we've been doing grad day performance practises) OR that area behind the girls' dining hall. Check if it's at the muttaqin centre; if not, then most likely it's the other place. If not, just contact me then:P

By the way, I'm not so sure how many of you are coming, so I would like to request that you bring your own paintbrushes. Because I'm afraid that there might not be many paintbrushes and most people would just be sitting there doing nothing when we have a lotta work to do!>_<

See u people this saturday!:D

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