Saturday, May 10, 2008

boo to you.

how annoyed am i that no one (except three wonderful people) decided to show up in adni today BEFORE nine o'clock to paint a lovelyish HUGE banner for our juniors that was signed 'love, SENIORS 2007'.

honestly; it should have been signed 'love, ****** and **** and ****'.

you guys talk about wanting to get together lah, nak jumpe lagi lah, miss you all lah yada yada yada.

but when we jemput to do somehting nice for juniors TOGETHER, no one bothers.
some of us came back this weekend thinking that they would be able to meet people that they miss on saturday; but i guess not since most of y'all decided to sleep in. so boo to you.

and my jeans have black paint on them. shucks to you guys. i hope you feel bad about it.


nadhirah said...

Imans!:) No worries. When we put it up infront of the 5B's class, they were all soo touched and happy!:D Really! Eventhough it took hours, they were really impressed:) I'm glad. THey were like.. U did it within 4 HOURS?!?!? Since 9am?!?!? Ahaha. And they really liked the golden smileys!:D ziz says his smiley looks the nices. I say that's because u did. Hehehe.

If i go to Adni again soon I'll take a picture and put it up yeah? There are drawings on it which we did last minute. and it looks super good!:D

THey said that the advice are funny:P Btw, didja know we missed out Niqa's name? Ahaha. I painted it specially when we put it up. And ziz's name is agong because he said the people in school refer to him as Agong. Why? Who knows. Lol.

Thank you for coming. I love having you there:)

fuddy said...

la iman. bukannyer x nak dtg...

imn. said...

darling als, of course the advice was was meee! lol. i loved doing the smilies. haha. take a picture!! and then send it to me ok. :)

nadhirah said...

fuds, I know not everyone can make it. THere are a few people who i am sure would absolutely wanna come but have other priorities to do. No worries yeah?:) Hope u can come next time for other...gatherings. Lol.

But i tell ya, we had lotsa fun and it turned out better than expected.
Iman has gotten better with painting!! *shock shock* hahaha.

Aki said...

pls DO put up the painting picture in here alia!! i WANT to come but i cant.. im sorry :( anyway, glad u guys had fun :P

imn. said...

HEY what do you mean iman has gotten better with painting?

are you saying that i was horrible before?? grr als. hahahaa.

if i'm going to marry an artist i better get my painting skils up ok! :) *HINTSS*