Thursday, April 23, 2009

paintball bash.

salams all.

yes, silence has descended upon us all. and as the exams loom over many of us (myself personally not included, but i feel for the rest of you!), i hope to be the bearer of preeminent news and declare an official invitation to the ADNIALUMNI PAINTBALL BASH!

details are as typed below;

date: 2nd May 2009, Saturday

venue: TT Sports, Lot 017394 Taman Subang Ria, Subang Jaya

rendezvous point for convoy: ADNI islamic school (i’m sure everyone is familiar with this place :) )

time leaving rendezvous point: 7.30 AM. please be punctual, we leave ADNI at 730 AM. anyone who misses the convoy will be subjected to NO REFUND of RM50. we must be at the paintball arena by 8AM

time of activity: 8AM to 2PM

price:  RM 50. 

this includes all necessary paintball equipment 

200 pellets (more can be bought at request, but extra cash is needed)





we will have other side activities after lunch and paintball.

please bring:

a change of clothes (long sleeved tops, jeans)


mats (you don’t want to sit on the grass do you?)

bottle of water

insect repellent (if you personally need it)


the payment of RM 50 must be paid BEFORE THE 29TH OF APRIL (WEDNESDAY). 

the payment can be given to iman (019 631 77 22) or sharaf (013 315 94 76) in the form of CASH. 

iman & sharaf are in ADNI from 8am till 3.30pm on weekdays, so please give us a call to inform of us of your  payment.

RSVP:  please confirm/notify iman or sharaf  about your attendance by 2pm on the 24TH OF APRIL (FRIDAY). this is because we need to confirm with the organisers about how many people there will be in each team.

so, i really hope that you guys can come. it's not only for those who graduated adni, but those who attended it too :) so even if you didn't finish the whole term with us, you are MORE THAN WELCOME TO JOIN US :) please join us, the more people there are, the more awesome it will be. 

please contact iman and sharaf latest by tomorrow (friday, 24th april) to confirm/notify us of your attendance. 

hope to see you guys there! it'll be an amazing opportunity to shoot that annoying prefect in the bum. yes :)


nadhirah said...

so sorry i would have to decline. you know why my dear. and you know i would come if i had no other plans.

btw did u know that RSVP means "Reply Sil Vous Plait"? lol. Im sure you know what that means;)

imn. said...

oui, je sais ce que cela signifie.

Je vais passer à côté de vous.

je'taime als.

nadhirah said...

iman, according to translations, u said:

yes, I know what that means.

I will pass beside you.

i love you als.
"i will pass beside you???"

imn. said...

pfffttt. well, according to my french book, and needless sense of memory, i said "i am going to miss you".

gosh, my french is going to the dogs.