Saturday, April 18, 2009

change of plans

salam.orite peeps,bout our gathering next week.well,kebetulan the alumni is doing a gathering on te 2nd of may,so plan kita xjadi la.kang nk pegi twice,bosan lak,so yeah.on the 2nd May,mintak tlg kosongkn k.insyaAllah klo xde pape,we'll b playing most probably paintball n it'll be around area kl so xyah risau.further details will be posted up later.jom ramai2 datang.time ni la nk tembak smua orang ngahahahah.any problems,kasi tau awal2 aite.


::phoenixnoir:: said...

I have a study break ! Wheee

Amalia a. said...

Aigoo....mcm mne nk kosongkan..tgh xm :(((((( tht week xm week, the week after tht bru start cuti....y....oh y..........

Anonymous said...

juz finished exam by dat time



Anonymous said...

amalia jump,i jump..


-man tukang sapu adni

Anonymous said...

we need simple plan!