Sunday, September 6, 2009

it was fun..

alhamdulillah, buka @ OU was FUN! there were awkward hi-s exchanged at first, and then got talking and then... ahaha we all took lotsa photos, tease each other like nobody's business, all the long-time-no-see stuff people do :)

and we didn't even lalu seoul garden restaurant.. reservations couldn't be made because it was fully booked for the next couple of days! gosh.. in the end we ended up buka-ing at Nando's. lucky we could find a place for 20 people at super short notice, like what, 45min before buka? at OU mesti tempat lain suma dah penuh..

photos have been uploaded and can be viewed at the following links;

imran's camera
my camera
rasya's camera (yet to be uploaded, you guys kena pester her!!)

it is such a shame that some of us couldn't make it, but there's always a next time kan? and besides, always got hikmah disebalikknya..

oh well, thanks la sape2 punya idea nak meralisasikan gathering ini :D

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