Sunday, March 8, 2009

second week of march

Okays, so i said earlier to free your second week of march (because that's MY holidays!:D). Sorry this planning and posting is so late... But anyways!

Because everyone will get busier towards the end of the year with exams and what not, why not we do a get together next week for Batch 5? (9th-15th march). And make it a super awesome one and make sure as many as possible can make it?:D

So we need to find:
1. A day
2. A time
3. What to do

The what to do, I either suggest kite flying or ice skating:) because kite flying is so awesome and you guys will laugh your heart out (and maybe we can have a picnic there too!). Buuuut, of course, you guys please please give suggestions asap so that we can put together something quickly for everyone!>_<

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