Sunday, September 28, 2008

i remind you yet again.

ok, that's it people! if i do not see you on saturday, we will no longer be friends. so there. yet AGAIN i remind thou;

saturday, 4th october 2008, 2pm
no 12, jalan persiaran ukay, vila sri ukay 
(if you're coming from melawati and all, take the turning AFTER bukit antarabangsa exit, NOT THE BUKIT ANTARABANGSA EXIT, the one directly after it, and BEFORE THE ADNI EXIT)
it's potluck, so please bring something ok

call me before raya to tell me if you i shall be expecting your attendance, because if it's too little people i am going to have call in sunway reinforcements to fill up the house.

make sure you call and tell me that you can come! yes.


Anonymous said...

haaahaaa tak tau.. u guys made iman mad.. ;)

nu said...

Siti Nurul Fitriah will TRY AS HARD AS POSSIBLE to come!!!

But no mahram no come.
Anyone want to marry me for a day??

imn. said...

yes, you made iman mad. and you know that that is not good.