Sunday, October 5, 2008

imns open house

To those who didn't attend, we know you have other priorities and probably other duties... but you guys missed out on one of the best raya reunions of all times!

specially ordered cake for all you people!
imans, alia, KOSA, fuddy

YAYA, iman, alia, fuddy

all the guys and the 'why-aren't-you-wearing-traditional-baju-melayu-since-that-was-the-dress-code' issue
except fattah:)

waiting for everyone to come; for the cake to be cut....
afiq spinning the 'slicer' on who would cut the cake first

which in the end turned out to be iman who got to cut the cake due to higher authority and not sheer luck of being pinpointed by the 'slicer':P

afta playing taboo: iman's adnians against iman's chinx lol we're all iman's

G05 tradition: class photo:)

Thank you iman and your family for hosting our raya reunion:)
To those who came, thanks for attending. We have such awesome times when we meet up.

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