Sunday, September 7, 2008

another wedding. yes!

salams all, again :)

well as some of you might have heard, or might not have heard; kak nihlah johari is getting married soon! congratulations to her, and now basma is going to have another brother :)

anyhow, she would really appreciate it if you can fill out the details below and send them to her e-mail. nak wedding card or not hah? lol.

1. your full name: 
2. your mailing address:
3. your phone number:
4. your e-mail address:
5. your parents' names:
6. where you are currently studying now:

and you can just send it to
but if you're malas to do it, just fill in the information and put it under comments and i will send it to her from you. yes, i am in a bored mood. be thankful :)

yes, and those who can come to the Raya Gathering, please text me or send a comment telling me of your presence. no messages in cbox ok? because sometimes i don't know who is who.

so recapping; please send the needed information to kak nihlah's e-mail or just drop a comment on this post and i'll send it for you. and tell me if you're coming for the Raya Gathering.

thanks, see y'all soon.

salams and love,

p.s: happy 18th birhday afiq. don't eat mcd tonight, boycott.

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Anonymous said...

lol happy bday afiq:)