Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ustaz nijam's email anyone?

salams all,

was just wondering if anybody has ustaz nijam's email and if i could have it please. i used to have it in my phone, and then my phone died, so all my numbers and emails all gone 'kaput'. so if i haven't called or texted in so long, it's not because i'm 'sombong' but it's because my phone bailed on me. so if someone could give me ustaz nijam's email, i would truly appreciate it.

hope you're logging into my blog.

and hoping to see everyone at musa's mom's wedding! see you there :)

xxo iman.


Anonymous said...

hey iman.

imn. said...

thank you, anonymous.

who are you anyways??

Anonymous said...

ur loved one ahahah.

imn. said...

oh my, that makes you one out of three hundred and forty two thousand six hundred and thirteen people of whom i love. how would i ever find out who you are? tsk tsk.