Thursday, August 28, 2008

the bollywood bulletin.

salams all,

some more updates;

a) Ustaz Nijam is officially a grandpa! his daughter Rafidah gave birth to a baby girl :) and naseer is an uncle! how cool is that. i wonder if her name is iman...

b) Naseer is in his first year of A-Levels in a college 350km from Ustaz Nijam. i don't think any of us live that far away from our families. He's in a really strict school, and is only allowed visits twice a month. 

c) Ustaz Nijam, his wife and Raihana might be visiting us some time next year.

so good news all around from ustaz, pray for his health and wealth, maybe someday we'll all get to see his mansion :)

see you guys soon,


nu said...

Alhamdulillah. All Praises be to Allah for showering such blessings to Ustaz.

nadhirah said...

iman, teacher rasyidah's daughter has your name in it. Don't be so greedy:P

Or how about we make a class trip to india?:D WhooOoo!

imn. said...

oh als, you KNOW i'm greedy.