Thursday, August 28, 2008

oowh it's so exciting!

great news from ust, Alhamdulillah. thanks iman for reporting from tamil nadhu, india. heheh..

another great news that all of us has already known, is that;


ahlan ya Ramadhan!

yes, in just a couple of days to go till the month yang dinanti-nantikan selama setahun tiba (?! skema nyer).

this year is also the first year that most of us will be spending Ramadhan not like the way we used to, together, in school, together sharing the best time of the year..
and i miss those times we sang lagu raihan tuu.. (kan imran? :'( )

but look on the bright side, this year we finally get the chance to spend Ramadhan with new faces in new places, an experience we will value for the rest of our lives as the '1st puasa in college'. hehehe, right? yea sorta..

yes the point is we are all grown up now (well most of us heheheheh joking2) and we'r all away from each other, and so this would be just a reminder to my dearest classmates (including 5a o7 too i suppose) and myself of course, to still make this coming Ramadhan more fruitful and joyous than the previous Rmadhans that we've experienced in the past.
hopefully everyone is mentally prepared, with high hopes and great intentions, ready to live Ramadhan to the fullest. and hopefully everyone of us would not forget to continue practising those deeds that we have done all these years together, only doing it with other people, but with as much meaning none the less.


fuddy amir

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imn. said...

yes, iman reports very well does she not? hahaha.