Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Dear friends of each others crazy pasts,

There will be a reunion this coming Sunday, that is organized especially for Ust. Nijam. He will be in KL this weekend and this reunion will be the perfect get-together for us all to meet him and each other. It'll just be a tea-that-may-lag-on-to-dinner thing, details as follow;

Date: 16th May 2010, SUNDAY
Time: After Asar (445/5pm) till (depending)
Venue: PENANG VILLAGE, Great Eastern Mall, Ampang.

Fyi, Penang Village restraunt is quite classy and my personal estimate of one person's meal is RM20-30. which is ok la, and considering it's a special occasion (UST. NIJAM COMING LA!), it should be proper. penang village link
GE mall surau is comfortable too. so asar/magrib covered with comfort.
to those who don't know where GE mall is, google it or something. but i doubt that there are many of you who don't.

anyways, please respond to the invite that Iman would have sent out to you, and if you think other people from our batch that are not on iman's friends list, please invite them too.

the aim NOW is to get the rough estimate of guests so reservations can proceed. please help out, it's not sooo hard to tell ME if you're coming or not K.

questions, info, ANYTHING regarding this that you require answers, please give me or iman a call/post on FB.

p/s; if you haven't, please join the G05 group on FB for your (and evereybody else's) convenience.

fuddy amir

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